07 October 2007

Budget Golf 101 Series - Prelude

It is really a misconception that golf is a game for the rich. Yes, granted that it does require a sum of money to start up but in the long run, the expenditure to enjoy this game really isn't that big.

Sure, it cost more than a game of ping pong or basketball or football... ok ok... maybe not football considering the amount of money the betting bookies make off with our monies. Damn you Inter Milan!! Damn you!!

Oh where was I? Oh yeah. Golf on a budget. Golf can be very expensive if one is foolish with his/her money. On the same token, golf expenses can be under control if managed properly.

So this entire week, I will be covering the various aspects of getting started on this game without costing an arm or a leg. All these are based on my personal experience and so I guess that there would be some points that may be disagreeable to some of you, if at all.

Do feel free to put them down in the comments.

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- Voxeros

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