29 October 2007

Sian XMM Episode XIII

Unllike past episodes, nobody got conned or tio pian this time. I am merely trying something different this time. However, before I say more, read the following dialogue with my GOOT FLEN, One-Leg Girl first.

Session Start : Wed Oct 24 16:11:10 2007

(5:55 PM) One-Leg Girl: XMM in my office say your blog very funny. But i think otherwise.
(5:55 PM) JayWalk: aiyah.... you party pooper you. can be a bit more supportive or not? who is this xmm?

(5:59 PM) One-Leg Girl: my staff. I caught her reading LBT 's blog.
(5:59 PM) One-Leg Girl: So i told her I intro u to my goot flen.
(5:59 PM) One-Leg Girl: What is so good about LBT. my friend is KAN PUAR CHOOT TENG Eh funny and yandao.

(6:00 PM) JayWalk: LBT= lim buay tor?

(6:01 PM) One-Leg Girl: yeah. anyway I intro XMM to read your blog hor.
(6:02 PM) One-Leg Girl: U must write chewren frenly post hor.

(6:02 PM) JayWalk: chewren friendly? how come?

(6:02 PM) One-Leg Girl: My that staff is only 20 leh. to me still chewren lor.

(6:02 PM) JayWalk: ... above 16 can liao lor....
(6:03 PM) JayWalk: bor rotan liao...... woo hoo.....

(6:03 PM) One-Leg Girl: See i intro Xmm read your blog. when u introing yandao to me.

(6:03 PM) JayWalk: on lah....
(6:03 PM) JayWalk: xmm got peekchure or not?

(6:03 PM) One-Leg Girl: u damn cheeko leh.

(6:03 PM) JayWalk: abuden?
(6:04 PM) JayWalk: you like wat type of yandao har?

(6:04 PM) One-Leg Girl: i got std one ok.

(6:04 PM) JayWalk: i need to set up customer profile for you.

(6:04 PM) One-Leg Girl: *rolls eyeballs*
(6:04 PM) One-Leg Girl: No need intro lah.

(6:05 PM) JayWalk: ok ok.... i be your wingman when we go out ok?
(6:06 PM) JayWalk: quick xmm what name? i can't always be calling her xmm right?

(6:06 PM) One-Leg Girl: Kauz.
(6:07 PM) One-Leg Girl: MAI BUAYA MY STAFF.
6:07 PM) JayWalk: can lah.... you my mamasan. i your wingman.

(6:07 PM) One-Leg Girl: I REPEAT MYSELF AGAIN. MAI BUAYA MY STAFF. I dun need u as wingman.

(6:07 PM) JayWalk: i can motivate them work hard hard for you leh....
(6:07 PM) JayWalk: hmm..... i wonder if this can turn into a blog entry.

(6:08 PM) One-Leg Girl: oei.

(6:08 PM) JayWalk: dun tell me. i do via blog. more challenging.

(6:09 PM) One-Leg Girl: DUN BUAYA MY STAFF LAH.
(6:09 PM) JayWalk: aiyoh.... sooooooooo protective...... ha.......

(6:09 PM) One-Leg Girl我知道错了!

Session End : Wed Oct 24 18:10:10 2007

So there, whoever you are and you know who you are, allow me to first welcome you to the blog and thank you for stopping by regularly. Glad to know that you had fun reading all this and wasting your brain away.

Here's the thing. I've made it a challenge to find out who you are. So drop me a note via the comments and/or add me at MSN at voxeros[at]hotmail[tok]com . Dounch shy hor! Lai lai! Add me!

Also, the secret password is One-Leg Girl's real name. Remember to mention the secret password hor!

p.s. One-Leg Girl is soooooooo gonne keel me. Hur hur hur.....

- Voxeros

1. One Leg Girl left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 9:04 am

2. aloe left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 9:26 am ::
er... how is this considered a sian xmm session har?

3. Red Queen left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 10:04 am
Aloe: He wanna "Xian" As in get to know XMM as Xian in Hokkien got a few meanings lah.. U dunno this lao act cute uncle damn CHEEKO one meh...

4. Old Beng left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 10:13 am
This conversation is really darn funny, ha ha.

5. JayWalk left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 10:52 am :: 
One Leg Girl: But only after I finish the drink I won from you.

Aloe: Like I said earlier, this is different from the past episodes as Red Queen had so accurately pointed out.

Red Queen: Aiyah... tell you what. You show me a guy who is not cheeko and I will show you a guy who carries his family jewels in a preserve jar.

Old Beng: Heh heh... hope that help start your Monday for you. Hor seh bor? Long time no hear you liao.

6. aloe left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 11:48 am ::
yah la, he wanna sian but dun have a chance to do so yet ma. So still cannot be considered as an episode. Maybe should put as "Sian XMM Attempt Episode I" or "Attempt t o Sian XMM Episode I"!! =P *blee!!*

7. Red Queen left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 1:29 pm
Aloe: Aiyah he confident mah... what to do... Like u dunno this cheeko uncle eh pattern

8. JayWalk left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 2:26 pm :: 
Aloe: Aiyah.... can you be a bit more anal?? Mai arh ni geh gao lah......

Red Queen: Eh.... like you not cheeko hor? We both agreed that you are the boob version of me wor. Mai gar lim peh act blur hor!

9. Red Queen left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 3:07 pm
Eh.. When Have I been CHEEKO..??? Tell me??? U cheeko say u cheeko lah.. No need drag me into the water...

10. JayWalk left...
Monday, 29 October 2007 4:22 pm :: 
Red Queen: Same same sama sama lah....

11. Red Queen left...
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 11:09 am
Ok Ok i Cheeko ... I cheeko everyone but you.... Hahahahahahahahaha :P

12. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 2:48 pm :: 
Red Queen: No complaints there!

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