26 October 2007

Golfer's Elbow

Many would know by now that I have been playing golf for the longest time liao. 21 years to be exact and my golf has plateaued for the longest time as well. To rub salt in wound, my golf skills are already very "private limited" which would make that a rather low plateau if you can call that one at all. Maybe an elongated stump would have been more apt.

Earlier this year, I got into trouble when I tried to change my swing, only to end up with disastrous results. What's worse was that I couldn't get back to the old swing which to be honest, wasn't too shabby actually. I can hear my inner voice chiding "Geh gian lah! Itchy hand hor? Bor tai bor chee change swing. Now hong kan liao hor?"

I hate my inner voice for being right. Sigh.

It was so bad that when I was playing in Los Angeles back in July, the local Pro that I was playing with offered me a free lesson during the round as my game was too agonisingly painful to watch over 18 holes. I could have sworn that I saw the silhouette of the Pro creeping behind me, holding the golf club in the air like a samurai sword on several occasions. I wonder what that was all about.

Oh well. Guess I'll never know.

So anyway, I nevertheless carried on tweaking of my swing and I am happy to report that I got it back and much better than before. Perhaps it was worth the 9 months of agony.

Ok, so I play better golf, better distance and better accuracy as seen with 2 second runner-up finishes in the last 3 months. I guess the weights training at the gym also helped too.

Then problem come already. I started to get this pain on the left forearm just below the elbow and I have gotten this feeling before during my tennis days and back then it was tennis elbow. Well, now it's golfer's elbow this time. It has been going on for the last 3 weeks and initially the pain was manageable and I played through the pain. Sure, it was going to be sore after the game but pain kinda subsided in 3 or 4 days.

I suspect that due to the more aggressive new swing, I am hitting my shots harder and faster which probably translates to greater vibrations traveling up the club to the arm. (ihawk98: Not because of PCC hor! tmd... >.< )

Last Sunday was terrible as my game totally gave way, towards the end as my control went AWOL. Shots were wayward and distance became shorter than expected. The game ended badly for me and the sore feeling came right after I had my shower. Dinner time was weird as I tried to pour from a bottle. Imagine the motion of the arm with the thumb facing up as you grab the neck of the bottle to lift it off the table. Next motion is when you twist your arm to rotate the bottle to face down, thereby pouring the content out.
I couldn't do the twisting part. *sweat*

Last Tuesday was gym day and I was very apprehensive about weights training. Surprisingly, I didn't feel any discomfort and so I guess weights training can continue as per normal. Perhaps with better forearm strength I would be able to prevent reoccurring the injury again.

Wish me luck.

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- Voxeros

1. Red Queen left...
Friday, 26 October 2007 11:26 am
Wah.. poor thing.. u need Yoko Yoko... Getting Old is like that one... ( how I know.. my mother told me :P)

2. JayWalk left...
Friday, 26 October 2007 4:41 pm :: 
Red Queen: Yoko Yoko, that thing really works, I have been using the very brand ever since I was a primary school kid.

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