30 October 2007

Sian XMM Episode XIV

I am sure most of everybody have been following the series Heroes closely. It came at a time when LOST was starting to get stale. Initially, when LOST came on air, we were like "Wow! This is something different!" but after 3 seasons of going nowhere, I am ready to ditch this series if Season 4 (returning 06 Feb 2008) continues to send everybody in circles.

So, it made no surprises when Heroes debuted last year and many people were hooked before the first commercial break even had a chance to screen (none for those *cough* downloaders *cough cough*).

It was like your TV version of X-Men except that the powers were less flamboyantly Hollywood and no dorky costumes either. If you ask me, I say the silly suits are the deal breaker that marks the line that clearly separate one side of the screen from the other i.e. removing the ridiculous outfits. These characters looked more realistic and thus it is easier to fantasise that perhaps, we could be one of them.

Naturally, amongst friends, we would often have this discussion as to which character in Heroes would you like to be i.e. what super power would you like to have.

Some say they want to be able to fly like Nathan Petrelli, others prefer to be the lovable Hiro Nakamura who is able to control time and travel through it.

Me? I like to be able to read minds coz I hate to deal with two-faced people with a hidden agenda. So I guess the character Matt Parkman would be my choice.

Then again, I may already have this power as I managed to score myself a drink from One-Leg girl just last week.

Don't believe?

Read on.

Session Start : Wed Oct 24 16:11:10 2007

(5:31 PM) JayWalk: secret blog. (Note: I was toying with the idea of  starting a secret blog)

(5:32 PM) One-Leg Girl: Secret BLOG?

(5:32 PM) JayWalk: some things can only talk about but cannot document. Incriminating leh.
(5:35 PM) JayWalk: of course if want to write. i have quite a lot.
(5:36 PM) JayWalk: but unfortunately
(5:36 PM) JayWalk: there are just too many closed minded people out there who would give me stick with their judgemental holier-than-thou crap. so think think. no worth it to put it down in print.

(5:37 PM) One-Leg Girl: Yeah just keep the memories lor

(5:37 PM) JayWalk: keep the checklist in the head can liao.

(5:37 PM) One-Leg Girl: hahahhahahaha

(5:38 PM) JayWalk: the head above the shoulder. thank you very much

(5:38 PM) One-Leg Girl: U goot
(5:38 PM) One-Leg Girl: before i can ask u say liaos

(5:38 PM) JayWalk: know what you thinking lah
(5:39 PM) JayWalk: we got 默契 lor

(5:39 PM) One-Leg Girl: Tell me what Am I THINKING now
(5:39 PM) One-Leg Girl: U get it correct I buy U a drink

(5:39 PM) JayWalk: you thinking that whatever my answer sure wrong one coz there is no way i can guess it lor.

(5:39 PM) One-Leg Girl: U goooood 
(5:40 PM) One-Leg Girl: U Damn Bloody Good

(5:40 PM) JayWalk:  drink!!!

(5:40 PM) One-Leg Girl: Hahahahahahahah

Session End : Wed Oct 24 18:10:10 2007

Acherly hor, come to think of it, I lagi better than this Matt Parkman leh. I can read minds through the internet wor! Dounch pray pray!

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1. One Leg Girl left...
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 8:07 am
Ai Seeeee ah.... Feature our conversation again.... I dont wanna talk to you on MSN liaos Like that where got Privacy?????

2. Gary left...
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 8:45 am
lol.. one-leg girl got pwn by you sia..

3. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 11:29 am ::
One Leg Girl: Aiyah... not like I tell people that One-Leg Girl is Debbie Koh what..... oops. :P

Gary: What can I say? It was my lucky day!

4. Gary left...
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 12:43 pm
i think i know who is it..

5. One Leg Girl left...
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 12:50 pm
Who who who??? Guess Guess who am i??? Already tell u liaos mah I am Debbie Koh..

6. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 2:47 pm :: 
One-Leg Girl & Gary: Get a room, will ya?!

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