25 January 2010

China's Population Mystery Solved

Got this in the email from my cousin Nick today.

As we all know, everything these days is made in China. Unfortunately, it also meant counterfeit stuff.

I guess I am still tolerant to fake Duracell batteries, LV handbags, Gucci shoes and of course, all the bootleg DVDs.

But I draw the line where these factories risked the lives of people for the sake of money.

From fake milk laced with melamine to boost the protein count, to the pickled white asparagus made from disposable chopsticks, to roast pigeon made from alley rat meat with the help of food colouring and flavouring. These folks should be rounded up and shot.

And now, we have fake condoms without proper quality control as well as hygiene standards. Vegetable oil as lubricant??! WTF??

These folks should be rounded up and shot.

In the mean time, we now know why China is the most populous country in the world, other than the fact that their TV programs suck monkey balls. (Ok, that was a joke, in case you didn't realise that.)

Image Credit:
- Voxeros

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