07 January 2010

Sian XMM Episode XVIII

Hi folks, it's been more than a year since we had a Sian XMM episode. Today special guest star is none other than our Goddess Of Ten Thousand Shots (GOTTS)!!

Below is the MSN conversation. Enjoy.

Session Start : Thu Jan 07 19:46:12 2010
(8:28 PM) GOTTS: hmmmm are you trying to trade for for my boddington *hides the cans* hahahah

(8:29 PM) JayWalk: eh.... your 2 cans still haven't drink yet???!!

(8:30 PM) GOTTS: ya somehow

(8:30 PM) JayWalk: i think spoil liao

(8:30 PM) GOTTS: but they look very pweety

(8:30 PM) JayWalk: drink liao keep the can lor.
(8:30 PM) JayWalk: or open top small small then stick straw in.

(8:30 PM) GOTTS: will spoil one meh?

(8:30 PM) JayWalk: you got check the expiry date underneath bor?

(8:31 PM) GOTTS: neber

(8:31 PM) JayWalk: go check now. sekali expire liao

(8:31 PM) GOTTS: choy!

(8:31 PM) JayWalk: go check now. go go!

(8:32 PM) GOTTS: one may10 one jul10 la

(8:33 PM) JayWalk: 你很好骗 leh!!!

(8:33 PM) GOTTS: ...

(8:34 PM) JayWalk: ngek ngek ngek ngek.....

Session Close : Thu Jan 07 21:25:10 2010
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- Voxeros

1. siren left...
Thursday, 7 January 2010 11:03 pm ::
OMG LOL you deceived GOTTS!!! Her disciples will hunt you down!

2. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 7 January 2010 11:09 pm :: 
Siren: They are not far down the Episode waiting list. Oh wait, let me put your name in there too.

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