10 January 2010

Sunday Night Chill

Sunday night.

Blogging. That's ruok's blog on the screen as I can taking some reference off it for my next entry.

Amaretto in hand with the TV tuned to OKTO. Gone Shopping, a local production starring Adrian Pang & Kym Ng, is screening at the moment.

According to ruok, the film tanked at the local box office which is a real shame. It's not too bad what!

It seems that our local folks still aren't appreciating local films sans the commercial Jack Neo fare. Sure, I have had my fare share of local crap (Sorry Sheylara!), but Gone Shopping as it is still screening as I blog still not bad.

I have been a avid supporter of the local arts in the area of Theatre and Film. Looks like I will be staying home tuned to OKTO on Sunday nights from now on.

- Voxeros

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