20 January 2010

How Can We Help?

This photo was taken at 7am, 20 Jan 2010. That's front door of my friend, Sassyjan's place, courtesy of the loan sharks kicking it down. This, a week after they came by to splash paint on the front door as you can see in the picture, which the family has yet to clean up.

They were after her dad, whom by the way, passed away end of October last year. It's been more than two months since and they are still harrassing the family.

I mean, come on! The man is dead. You harrass the family for what? Then the strange thing was that when the IOU was requested for verification, the loan sharks weren't able to produce it. So tell me, perhaps this is a scam?

Naturally, police report was lodged a long long time ago but I am concerned about the lack of action taken by the police thus far. My rationale was that until last week, there was no real crime committed since it was just verbal threats over the phone. I would even excuse the police for not taking more action on the paint splash as that can be simply classified as an act of mischief. But surely the destroying of somebody's front door is enough case for the police to take this more seriously?

Unfortunately, attempts to contact the Investigation Office In-Charge proved futile. The fella no sound no picture as of the time this is written. 17 hours since the door was destroyed.

This reminds me of a conversation with a taxi driver and this was his very memorable quote many years back...:

"唉呀.  法律是用来保护有钱人而已的啦! 哪里有我们这些老百姓的份?"

Back then, I just laughed it off and was amused at his cynicism.

But now, thinking back....

Is it possible that he was actually telling me something that I was oblivious to all these years as a Singaporean citizen? Do you supposed he was right all this while?

I can't help but felt my confidence in "The System" waver.

I also wonder how many other people are in the same plight as Sassyjan who are suffering in silence. Silence, not because she cannot cry for help. Silence, because the people who have taken the oath to uphold the law, the very same people who we had faith that they will protect us and our properties, are not listening? Please tell me I am wrong.

My fellow Barflies, plurk friends, twitter friends, facebook friends and/or blogger friends as well as my dear readers,

I call for everyone to chip in and help out. Spread the word and create awareness. Let's do it everywhere. Blog, facebook, twitter, plurk. Everywhere.

Let everyone know that we will not bow down to thuggery. Let the gutsy Sassyjan know that she is not fighting this alone. She still has our support even if the majority of us can only support in spirit.

My fellow Singaporeans,

Is it me or has our Ministry Of Home Affairs been handing in sub-par report cards of late? I may be absolutely wrong here but somehow my heart felt otherwise.


Some say it's because the current police force is already stretched to the limits but I say bollocks, you tell me this for what? If you know the problem, what is stopping you from taking steps to resolve it?

Perhaps it is time for a change in the Ministry's leadership is due. The next general elections is just around the corner. If the gahmen don't change it, then perhaps the power of the people will do it for them.

Let's hear the people speak. Soon.

Image Credit: sassyjan
- Voxeros

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