19 December 2011

KaoHsiung 2011 - Mazda 7-Seater (MacGyver Edition)

I was in KaoHsiung two weeks ago for a short vacation and to meet up with the rest of the family who were travelling there as well.

For the uninitiated, I am half-Taiwanese. Not the half-father-mother type but the folk-are-Taiwanese-and-yours-truly-born-and-bred-in-Singapore type.

There I was visiting the rest of the clan (mother's side of the family) and the picture above is my cousin's Mazda Premacy. The Premacy is a strange model where it look like a Mazda2 hatchback but with more booty while at the same time not big enough to fit the third row of seats as in the Mazda5.

So we call this the Mazda3.5 ((2+5/2 = 3.5) ?

Obviously, my cousin don't get many visitors and so the sudden influx of tourists i.e. 6 of us presented a tricky logistical situation.

Have to hand it to my cousin for the solution of the 2 plastic chairs and voila! We have a 7-seater!

p.s. Yeah. Yeah.... some of you will be bitching about car safety blah blah blah.......

- Voxeros

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