29 December 2011

Mini Eggs

Perhaps it is most unfortunate to have this entry position right above my earlier entry which is about turtles.

So before I begin, I would like to go on HTC Wildfire phone to give you a perspective of the eggs' size but somehow the picture just didn't tell a convincing story, even with a can of Coke next to it. *shrugs*

* Took another shot and hopefully shows the size better. (See right).

The eggs were bought out of curiosity due to their tiny size.

I have to use 6 of them to make a decent half-boiled egg breakfast. I was told that some of these eggs have two yolks in the already super cramped interior but I personally have not had to chance to see one myself.

In all, my verdict of my 6-egg breakfast is

Sibeh Waste Time.

Apparently, 6 eggs don't really enough "egg" in it to fulfill a decent egg's content.

I will try 8 eggs next time.

- Voxeros

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