31 July 2012

Coins In The Capital

That's my breakfast again and as you can see, the price tag says RMB 6.90 which mean coins are involved again.

This time round, I fished out all the coins in my pockets, pennies, nickels and dimes. A handful of them totaling 90 cents and I plonked them all into the palm of the cashier.

She turned to her supervisor and asked if they accept nickels and pennies.

I was like "What??! Come on! Where do you think I get the coins from in the first place?"

I gave her a KNN dirty look and then the same to her supervisor.

"你给 Limpeh say No 试试看." - death stare.

The supervisor said yes fortunately and I was glad to be rid of them pesky coins.

- Voxeros

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