24 July 2012

The Third Taste

You know how wine guides always tell you to pair this wine with that food? For years, I have no idea what that was all about.

Until one evening in Malaucène, France, I ordered the duck confit and a bottle of their locally produced red at the village restaurant. It was a vineyard village and so their domestic wine was a mere EUR 3.00 per bottle. Dirt cheap.

I took a bite of the duck follow by a sip of the wine and I was totally blown away. There was the taste of the duck, then there was the taste of the red wine. I was totally caught off guard when I experience a third unique taste when those two combined.

Is this what all those wine guides are talking about when they talk about pairing of wine? I am not sure, to be honest.

Ever since that experience, I have been on the hunt for more of this "third taste" experience.

The second encounter was the Chocolate Cake Shooter where a cocktail mix of vodka, frangelico and sugar-coated lemon wedge gave me the chocolate cake taste.

I love the surprise from seemingly unrelated tastes.

My third encounter was a sip of Glemorangie Signet single-malt whisky followed by a chaser of Ta1wan Gold Medallion beer. I got pineapple juice taste! Wow!

It was totally unexpected and that's where the fun is.

So coming back to The Wok & Barrel where they advocate pairing of their boutique beers with their various mod-Sing dishes.

I wonder I will get the same surprise of a third taste.

I look forward to visiting Shen again when I get back to Singapore at the end of the year. I made the mistake of driving a car during my last visit and unwittingly missed out on the beer as I didn't want to drink and drive. Well, I am not going to repeat the same mistake the second time round.

Hopefully, I won't be disappointed and get that fourth encounter.....

.... and counting.

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