16 July 2012

Subway Sandwiches In The Capital

When I first arrived, one of the first makan places I noticed was Subway and I thought, "I am going to survive!!".

The ironic thing was that I got so caught up with the local fare here (love it!), that Subway was long forgotten.

Then one day, feeling itchy backside, I brought my manager there to share something new to him and since he doesn't know how to order, I finally have a chance to pay for the meal.

I feel so paiseh when he insisted on paying everytime we go out until, I wanted to avoid going out makan with him.

So anyway, I taught him the steps of selecting the bread, then the meats, then the veggies and finally the sauce.

He was hooked.

He liked the idea of fresh veggie and lotsa of them. Hardly any oil and a quick, clean simple meal that fills the stomach just nice.

Now he is dragging me there at least one a week where we will share a 12-inch (cheaper than 2 separate 6-inch) sandwich.

Now that he knows how to order, he keeps insisting to pay every time we go there.


Looks like I need to find another new place to bring him. $#^%#@!!

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- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Sharing a 12-inch, eh? Nothing like male bonding. Hi 5!:P


JayWalk said...


Anonymous said...

one 12 inch confirm better than two 6 inches ..

JayWalk said...

Hahaha.... basket... you all ah....