10 October 2012

Beijing Open 2012 - 07 Oct 2012

The Djokovic doing a rendition of the Oppa Gangnam Style to celebrate his China Open victory over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

It was a tight neck and neck race all the way to the tie-breaker at 6-6.

After Tsonga was down 1-4 in the tie-breaker, it was all downhill for the Frenchman following a dispute with the umpire

It was disappointing to see Tsonga throw the game like that but then again, this is only an ATP 500 event. The bigger ATP 1000 Shanghai Open is the week after.

Better to conserve the energy and focus on Shanghai (and possibly Paris as well end of October 2012) as Tsonga needs to do relatively well to stay on the path for a place in the November 2012 ATP World Tour Finals in London with an estimated purse of USD 4.5 million. Now that's where the big money is.

The ladies final was played at 7:30 pm (the Men's Singles Final was at 4 pm). It was a match between two scream queens. However, if you look at the video above, it sounded more like howling than screaming. I was most amused.

Like the men, it was just as one sided as Azarenka effortlessly raced to a 4-0 lead in the first set before tying it up 6-4 after beating off Sharapova's late challenge.

Despite a strong fightback from Sharapova, it was beyond any doubt that the first set was to Azarenka. You can't give away 6 double-faults at this level and still expect to take the set.

The second set was a carbon copy of the first as Azarenak again raced to a 4-0 lead. The current world No. 1 was less charitable this time as she sewed up game, set and match. 6-2 in the second set.

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