09 October 2012

Dumbass Of The Week XIX

The news actually starts from 0:18.

Apparently this uncle who professed to be a Akido teacher, was upset at a bunch of unruly youths for not parking their bikes properly and making a ruckus late in the evening.

So he went back to change into his Akido garb armed with a wooden sword to want to "teach" these youths a lesson.

What ended up as most would have expect was that this uncle got beaten to a pulp.

So much for being an Akido teacher.


p.s. In case, the video clip got pulled, click here for a backup copy.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Do you think if the uncle had asked nicely, it would have given a different result? The dudes were disturbing the peace, after all...


JayWalk said...

Arrenn: Perhaps the outcome would have turned out different had he asked nicely.

Regardless, it was just plain dumb to threaten, wielding a wooden sword. The garb was just pure wayang which will bring more mockery to himself than anything else.

It would have been wiser to just make a police report and have the cops come and deal with it.