25 October 2012

Street Crossing In The Capital

Over here in QQland, Traffic lights are for reference only.

I have trouble crossing the street coz even if the green man signals for you to cross, you still have to watch out for cars coz over here, cars DO NOT give way to pedestrians, if they can help it.

Initially, I just follow the crowd. They move, I move. They stop, I stop.

But there will be that one ocassion where you are expected to take the lead i.e. you heng heng happened to stand in front of everybody.

So here's my rule of thumb.

As long as you have enough people. You can cross.

Cars do not give way to 1 pedestrian but will cave in if you have 20.

People Power!

So the next time, you are leading the pack, wait for more people to accumulate. Once you reach quorum.


Disclaimer: Bear in mind, I am a trained professional and this is just my rule of thumb, which is frown upon severely by the traffic authorities. Do this at your own risk as I will not be responsible for any outcome. 

- Voxeros


Gary said...

if you are in hurry, and have to wait for that number of people to accumulate.. you will be justice bao for the whole day!

JayWalk said...

Gary: This is QQland we are talking about. The whole place is full of people. Waiting for quorum is a matter of seconds that is if, they are not already there before you.