16 January 2013

Dumbasses Of Punggol East

It all started when a certain microphone was plugged in wrongly, resulting in the speaker (worth SGD 550,000 per year) being replaced.

So here we are. A by-election for the Punggol East SMC.

I have been following the headlines in recent weeks and sad to say, most are head-shaking worthy, where you wonder what the hell these guys were thinking. I fear for the constituents of Punggol East SMC as they are at risk of voting in an idiot.

Dumbass #1

I'd give him credit for fast tracking the Rivervale Plazsa project as a carrot ahead of the election but to make such a statement is plain foolish.

If I were a voter, I'd be sure to vote for the best opposition candidate. That way, I get NOT ONE, BUT TWO! candidates working for my constituency. Dr Koh say "regardless" one right?

Dumbass #2

I find it laughable that SDP were to make such a insolent announcement as if they were the better party amongst the opposition. Let's look at the numbers. WP 6, SDP 0. Heck, they are not even second. Mrs Chiam's seat as an NCMP means even the SPP fared better.

So SDP to stand as candidate and should the candidate wins, he/she gets a seat in parliament while soooo generously giving the task of running the Town Council to WP.

Oh the nerve!

There was a later turnaround saying that it was misinterpreted as Dr Chee meant to say that SDP to stand for election then WP to run Town Council OR vice-versa. I think Dr Chee drink too much Glucolin again.

Dumbass #2.1

Here's the thing. If you KNEW WP would rebuff the plan, why even initiate it in the first place? Dumbass.

On a separte note, I disagree with Tan Kin Lian view on WP's refusal to talk to SDP as petty. I view it as NOT WASTING TIME.

Bertha did a spoof reply to SDP on behalf of Low Thia Kiang. Very well written as I laughed to the very last letter. KUDOS!

Update: SDP has decided to withdraw from the electoral race. OK. Good. 1 idiot down, two to go.

Dumbass #3

With only 4.45%, Desmond Lim lost his deposit in the last election. He was lucky that his result didn't affect the outcome of the poll. WP's Lee Li Lian's 41.01%, even with Desmond Lim's 4.45% (total 45.46%) still can't beat's Palmer's 54.54%. Had Desmond Lim garnered 9%, he would have been labeled Sabo King Of The Year.

So anyway, coming back, it looks like Desmond Lim has another SGD 14,500 to throw away. I really don't know what this guy is thinking. Even if he triples his votes this time round, it still won't win him the election. So why bother?

I am starting to suspect Desmond Lim being an undercover saboteur planted by the PAP. 无间道 siah!

Dumbass #4

For someone who has been working the West Coast constituency (South-West, if I may add), Kenneth Jeyaratnam suddenly shows up in the North-East wanting to win the election. Seriously??

Between the two Jeyaratnams, I admired the late Joshua Benjamin. A true fighter who earned his creds from the the ground up. Kenneth should do the same and not, according to some folks on the internet, ride on the coat tails of his late father.

I find it distasteful that he said that the WP candidate has been missing in action since GE 2011. Not that I am a supporter of WP, but I feel that it is not his place to judge since he himself didn't exist in Punggol East until what? Last week?

In any case, this is another sucker destined to lose his SGD 14,500 deposit.

To wind up this entry, here's the recap. We have a PAP candidate, a WP candidate and two sabo kings (independents excluded). Looks like PAP will retain this seat at the end of the day.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't rule out a ground shift post-GE2011 seeing how poorly the govt has been performing right up to now! The mall has been an issue for over a year right up to now! Two ways to look at this - either Palmer while said to be a good Speaker must have been slacked and neglecting his own constituency, his personality aside, or is the PAP candidate Koh making potentially empty promises? What guarantee is there that Koh would not be too busy too looking after his new private practice to attend to the residents of Ponggol East? Whether he wins or not? This is not far fetched given Palmer's lacklustre precedence during his time.

As far as the WP is concerned, its track record speaks for itself. It was criticised by the HDB for being behind in collecting fees from residents who cannot afford them. This is of course a plus as far as residents are concerned as long as the hardship problems of residents concerned are genuine. In any case, look at what the PAP Town Councils did with their collected fees - fees collected with rare regards for the plight of hardship cases - they threw it all away -billions of Singapore dollars - in toxic investments. Greed is the only way to describe this.

Anonymous said...

"As far as the WP is concerned, its track record speaks for itself. It was criticised by the HDB for being behind in collecting fees from residents who cannot afford them. "

It is matter of doing the right thing rather than doing thing right.

WP chooses to do the right thing in helping the poor residents in delaying payment at the expense of been perceived as bad management whereas PAP chooses to do thing right by going by the book and efficiency at the expense of having no compassion and humanity.

But isn't compassion and humanity is one reason we vote for the incumbent government ?

Anonymous said...

For a media whore, $16k is a small price to pay. Candidates can to see themselves on Tv, pics in all forms of media and possibly sound bites on radio. Maybe I should join too. 踢多一脚。 -meepok

JayWalk said...

Anonymous 1: I can say for sure if Palmer did a good job or otherwise. We tend to notice the negatives more and so the Rivervale Plaza stood out like a sore thumb. Perhaps there are other positive aspects that we are not aware of?

AS for Koh, it's a bit too early to doubt the fella if he can balance his private practice and public service. We need to give the chap a chance, should he be elected, to prove us right or wrong.

I disagree with sentencing when the trial has not begun.

Anonymous 2: I am assuming you are a different person. There are merits in both doing right thing and doing thing right. The extreme example would be if everybody no money, then bill no need to pay liao is it?

In any case, I am sure the PAP isn't as heartless as some make them out to be. Surely, lotsa people have benefitted from all those Meet-The-People sessions?

Meepok: To me, 16K is a lot of money. I can find many ways to put it to better use. RunForFunds? Media is a fickle thing. Sure, you will get your 15 minutes of fame but come a couple of months down the road, you would be long forgotten. So how is that value for the 16K?

JayWalk said...
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