22 January 2013

The Third Taste 2.0

Remember the earlier entry when I was on the hunt for "The Third Taste"?

Well, I didn't get that when I visiting The Wok & Barrel

Instead, it was at Jade Palace during my last trip back to Singapore then I discovered it quite by accident.

It was towards the end of the dinner when we were done with dinner and the wine spent.

Fresh mango was served as dessert as we proceeded to eat.

The mangoes were deliciously sweet and I took a sip of the Pu-Erh tea to wash it down.

Lo and behold!

Fresh mango + Pu-Erh Tea = Walnut!

Walnut. Yes, you heard me. Walnut.

I tried it a second time again but the walnut taste didn't show up.

Then I realised that my first sip of the tea was really strong as the tea had been sitting in the tea pot for quite some time as we were drinking wine instead of the tea all throughout dinner.

The walnut taste was absent the second time round when I realised I drank from a fresh pot of the tea where the tea leaves weren't properly infused.

So perhaps to amend the equation more accurately,

Fresh Mango + Strong Pu-Erh Tea = Walnut

Go ahead. Try it.

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- Voxeros

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