19 January 2013

Live Wrong

The news all over town is Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah on the latter's show.

I am not sure where you can view the interview in two parts but I suppose Youtube or Oprah's own website would be a good place to start.

With all due respect to the Live Strong foundation and the work they have been doing, I was never a big fan of that yellow wrist band that became a trendy thing to sport on people's wrist.

It puts me off that most people just wear them as a fashion statement without really understanding the work the organisation has been doing.

So back then, I bought a bunch of "Live Wrong" wristbands as a spoof mocking of the yellow ones and gave them out to my friends.

Problem with black was the the carved out letters were hard to read from afar but I solved that problem by rubbing talcum power over it and wiping them off subsequently. The end result was a black band with white lettering since the powder in the grooves of the lettering can't be wiped off.

Live Wrong. We drink. We smoke. We eat red meat and we are proud of it.

But most of all, we Live True and that is more than some of those who wear the yellow band can say.

Image Credit:

- Voxeros

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