07 September 2005

Back In Ch1na

Well, I am back in Ch1na and I would like to give a shout out to the following people.

Deek, Char & Troy
It won't be called home if I don't come back to Singapore and see you guys as well as my own family.

Thanks for the tennis game too. Lucky this time round not so lao kwee.

14-hour lunch is something that one will not forget. Thanks for bringing me to Essential & Brew, words cannot describe how wonderful that place was. Anyway, glad to have you back at Garibaldi after your dinner with Nadnut.

Also, thanks for the little thingie that you've made. Damn nice. I shall look forward to the manga that you will be drawing for Deek. Oh yes, and enjoy the book but don't tell anyone that I read it too. :P

Though we've never met nor you ever visited my blog, sorry for holding AKK up and made you wait for so long. Unfortunately, there was Comex, rain and Friday night rolled into one as we were jammed from Keppel to Raffles City.

Good to see you again and in broad daylight! Too bad Kebab can't meet up. Deek is still sore about the Tee Kor Lao Uncle remark. hahahaha..... By the way, I forgot the pass you the book "A Year In The Merde". It's with Deek now. Please arrange with him to get it. Ok?

Enjoy your Bath & Body Works. They smelled wonderful in the car.

Glad to see you again and I think you should keep both hamsters in the same cage. That way, when you forget the feed them (for 4 days again) one hamster can be the food of the other. Better to save one than to kill both right?

Glad that you have decided to join us the second night for dinner as well. Like I said, "Good Food Is Nothing Without Good Company". Good luck with your job hunting and maybe next time you not so eng to come out la kopi liao. Heh heh....

Super glad to see you and you never failed to change with your "He told you what?" faux paux. To think, we haven't even sit down when we arrive when you pulled that one off.

Pron King has mellowed into a family man. Man.... big change siah. We must meet up again.

My advice to you my old friend is to never give up hope. There will always be another 6 more come Monday morning. Keep your chin up, bro.

Ay Carambas! Long legs!!! Glad you to finally know you even though I have seen you in my Hall 3 days in NTU.

Finally the mysterious one has surfaced. Wish you all the best to your family.

Thanks for coming down. You damn give face man.... just too bad, we couldn't be the better host than we would like to. Come December, we go kopi one more time.

I know your name liao. Paiseh.... intro-ed at Windows then by the time reached ACNA forget liao. Si beh pai seh....

Phew Pheet! You still look damn good. Too bad Bird was in Sydney. Will try to get everybody together again in December.

We lost touch for how long? 18 years? Thank God for the Scrumm Network!

To the rest like Amy, Alice, Jaschocolate, Vanna, Andy, Kian Chuan, Eddie and Mabeline whom I couldn't meet or vice versa. Sorry I missed you guys this trip. We'll try again next time.

To Emily whom I got no reply via MSN or SMS. Too bad I can't pass the mini Tabasco Sauce bottles to you. It's with Deek now who would probably use it for his next pizza.

Also to Ei|een. David Copperfield is with Deek now and so drop him an email or something to arrange for picking up when you are freed up from your work.

Ciao everybody and thanks!

- Voxeros

1. kIm left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 12:51 am
Ahhh.. I havent had the time to dl all your audio blogs, and definitely not meet you up. (Not that you know me that well). Sigh. But I swear I'm going to dl all your audio blogs during my break next week!!

2. nadnut left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 10:55 am ::
hey hey. heard you were laughing about my addiction to redbull. hahahaha. alrighty. lets meet up soon yeah. and ill start reading your blog! :)

3. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 11:29 am :: 
kIm: Not say all bloggers must meet one lah. I do understand if some of them prefer to remain faceless.

That's fine by me, actually. I can go either way one.

Anyway, enjoy the audio blogs, especially the Day 1.5 one.... Deek was totally set up by me.

Nadnut: AKK was totally gushing about how wonderfully patient you are until, I also si beh impressed liao.

If we meet up, I will a) check calendar to see if it is Friday, b) check weather forecast to see if raining and c) check newspaper to see if Suntec got any stoopid convention or not.

4. akk left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 12:12 pm
hey jay, sorry, man, but the blue heart at the bottom koyak liao. shift back and glue, okie? hehehe....and of cos, thanks back for the glorious time spent in your company. another essential and brew day next time perhaps? :)

5. ei|een left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 1:37 pm
heyhey jay.. again, i'm so sorry i couldn't catch you this time round. next time when you come back, definitely must meet up!

thanks for the david copperfield. will contact deek soon. :)

6. hitomi left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 1:47 pm
But I don't remember seeing you before during school days leh... or maybe you've "matured" over the years? :-P

7. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 2:28 pm :: 
akk: Nah, I am going to leave it the way it is. Paradoxically, it is the perfect human touch of AKK....

... and that's the way it should be.

ei|een: No problem lah. Work comes first. MSN or SMS me for deek's contact. However, it has to be next week coz he is flying up to my side for the weekend.

hitomi: Somebody chio bu one what.... where got notice the peons in the background? :P

8. hitomi left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 5:27 pm
strange... posted my comment but it's disappeared!
Uncle busy bio-ing chio bu what... where got notice chio bu's good friend? :P

9. vanna left...
Thursday, 8 September 2005 11:51 pm
i was abit late.. haha
u r back in china already..
anyway, take good care & chat on msn soon.. haha

10. JayWalk left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 7:39 am ::
hitomi: Dunno who didn't notice who leh? I remembered seeing you in NTU but not vice-versa.

No who's the one busy bio-ing yandao kia?

Acherly hor, I also got bio chio bu lah. Or else how I see you?

Vanna: Factory screaming for me to go back liao. Nevermind, there is always Dec Time Sheet. You got advance booking liao hor! :P

11. hitomi left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 9:31 am
Haha! You're right, I was busy bio-ing yandao kia. Dunno how come I missed out on Uncle Jay leh. Blame it on the poor female:male ratio in ntu.

12. JayWalk left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 9:42 am ::
hitomi: I not yan dao enough to be noticeable lor.... haiz... 习惯了.

13. hitomi left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 11:47 am
Mai k k lah. I thought someone's 少女杀手?

14. JayWalk left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 12:33 pm ::
hitomi: Ahem.... that one is Troy ok.. not me. :P

15. nadnut left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 2:08 pm ::
lol. sureee. when ur back, we'll meet up.
and wats this discussing about scandal behind me back? *mock stare*
bad! lol

16. JayWalk left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 2:43 pm ::
nadnut: Scandal? What scandal?
dum dee dum dee dum..... *whistling*

17. nadnut left...
Friday, 9 September 2005 3:20 pm ::
you were!!!! men these days... worse than ladies... hahahahaa

18. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 10 September 2005 5:58 am ::
Nadnut: What? What? *Arms flailing in protest*

19. nadnut left...
Monday, 12 September 2005 10:46 am ::
you were! about vanna and me! hmmmmph!

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