17 September 2005

Being Preoccupied - Not Just The Guys?

Research has shown that men would think about sex once every 6 seconds consciously and sub-consciously. That kinda gives us the impression that the mind of the male gender is genetically hard-coded to be pre-occupied with it. In a way, it puts us males in a "not-so-good" light but as I have often said, "习惯了".

I was chatting with a friend, JD, when we stumbled onto a simlar topic but on the opposite bank of the gender spectrum. Below is the extract of our conversation....

Session Start (JD): Tue Sep 13 15:29:01 2005
[15:43] JD: i write wat every woman fears to say out loud.:)
[15:43] JD: the preoccupation with sex and all things sexual.

[15:44] JayWalk: are women really THAT preoccupied with it? i thot only guys.

[15:44] JD: the need for fairytales in one's life
[15:44] JD: u'll be surprised lah...
[15:44] JD: actually SPG pretty is much a woman without control.

[15:44] JayWalk: enlighten me then.

[15:45] JD: she's really honest, abt sex and money and yet contrary and fearful abt how others perceive her to be
[15:46] JD: for example, money for sex, she gets insulted, but feel free to buy and pay for her when she goes out with u. essentially is the same thing, but diff meaning to her
[15:46] JD: to all women, we are too bound by what others think of us.
[15:46] JD: so the preoccupation is to hide our feelings
[15:46] JD: every time certain feelings seem to be morally wrong

[15:47] JayWalk: so essentially, you guys read her because you wanted to live her life and yet remain in the safety of your own.

[15:50] JD: so if u ask me, if u find some women seem to be a bit tense or too prudish, they are just being scared to be ever put in a similar situation where their conscience can be questioned.

I was quite surprised to learn that we (the males) are "not alone" in this. Then again, this could just be the sole representation of JD herself rather than the whole of womanhood.

Perhaps we are same in the sense that we all are preoccupied with it, while at the same time different due to our angles of approach?

This is an open-ended entry inviting your two-cents' worth to bring more light this age-old issue. Your comments, please.

- Voxeros

1. Lynne left...
Saturday, 17 September 2005 2:40 am
I totally agree with JD's view on how women perceive sex and everything sexual. Be a little prudish, we get classified as "old maid", "old-fashioned". Be a little more open-minded, we get classified as "loose", "slut". Men, no matter what, will never fall into those categories. I supppose it also depends on the people we "expose" (not literally) ourselves too. If it's somebody we know and trust, then being a little more open-minded is fine. But if it's to the public, then it definitely doesn't hurt to be more cautious. Whatever it is, think before you act lor.

2. JayWalk left...
Saturday, 17 September 2005 9:04 am ::
Lynne: You women had it easier. For guys, be it prudish or otherwise, guys still kena labeled as "Horny Bastards".

3. akk left...
Saturday, 17 September 2005 12:42 pm
ay, i posted comment, but never appear leh....anyways, just to say not all men are labeled 'horny bastards' seriously, hehehe....most my guy frens are more monkish than us girls...

4. a crunchy green apple left...
Sunday, 18 September 2005 12:33 am
Try as i might, i simply cannot imagine myself having SPG's lifestyle. I doubt i can walk more than a mile in her shoes. It's not self-righteousness or being "prudish", maybe it's the upbringing, the innate personality, the different experiences of growing up that shape me- whatever- i've never been attracted to SPG's lovelife and "adventures". So with that, i really don't think that *all* of the women out there share the same 'honest' perspective towards love, sex and money.

5. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 18 September 2005 8:00 am :: 
Akk: I believe your guy friends are just being nice and turn off the "horny mode" for your sake for the time being.

Crunchy Green Apple: I am thinking more along your line but I wanted to see how other people see this. So far response hasn't been good. Perhaps it was the weekend or perhaps it is just too cheem?
So as it stands, the score is
AYE 1 - 1 NAY

6. Laughingcow left...
Sunday, 18 September 2005 11:24 pm
One woman's opinion should never be taken as a sweeping generalisation of the group. :) I don't discuss sex (well, not in the way SPG does; obviously I'm discussing it here, heh) not for fear of public opinion, but because sex, to me, is more beautiful as a secret shared by two lovers. :)

7. a crunchy green apple left...
Sunday, 18 September 2005 11:27 pm ::
Perhaps it's a little of both, or that it's a "sensitive" issue. Sometimes, it's just laziness on the reader's part. ;) Maybe you can elaborate on this rather cheam post of yours to trick-i mean invite- your lady readers to open up more.

8. JayWalk left...
Sunday, 18 September 2005 11:35 pm ::
Laughingcow: Nicely put. Aye 1 - 2 Nay. 

CrunchyGreenApple: Trick? hahaha..... Nah. I shall leave this as it is. Don't wanna turn this into a Cosmo blog, do we?

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