07 May 2006

Congratulations. Mr Chiam.

I just got back to Hong Kong on Saturday from the US, anxiously anticipating the results of our general elections, despite the fact that my constituency was a walk-over (again).  
I didn't get to check the results until 3am in the morning when I woke up after konking out due to jet lag. I made a beeline heading straight to see the results of the Potong Pasir and then Hougang constituencies. 
Ah yes.... Mr Chiam and Mr Low were successful in defend their respective wards. I am relieved.
However, before you guys start to the think that I am one of those "Gahmen Rebels", I am not. I am still very much in favour with most of PAP's policies and I still think that they have done a good job so far. Overall, I am also happy to see PAP back in power for another term, but I am also happy to see that the two good men, Chiam and Low get another term to serve the Singaporean people for the greater good of the country. 
I can't really say much about the rest of the opposition but I thought Slyvia Lim (WP) and Chee Siok Chin (SDP) has got potential. However, the latter, due to her relations to Dr Chee Soon Juan, has had her credibility totally undermined by his antics. Ms Chee, as an individual, can make a pretty good politician and has gotten me to sit up and pay attention to her. But only as an individual. I am glad SDP scored a big fat ZERO and I think the party and everything that they stand for is a joke. Ling How Doong must be kicking himself in the ass for having a hand in the stabbing of their Caesar when Mr Chiam See Tong was still part of SDP. Boo hoo. Another 5 years of Zilch for you, Mr Ling. 
Slyvia Lim, shows great potential and despite the loss of this election, I won't be too quick to write her off. I believe that she does have something positive to contribute to Singapore and I do hope to see her as an NCMP perhaps? 
Moving on, when I watched Mr Low Thia Kiang's rally speech on the internet and then pictures of the rally, I knew he was going to win it. Despite a very basic grasp of the TeoChew language, I could feel the emotions and power behind the words. I could feel the energy and approval of the people on the ground with their cheers and laughter to every dig at the PAP thrown by Mr Low.  
I was glad to see that the people of Hougang and Potong Pasir have the backbone to vote against the PAP. While I never doubt the wisdom of voting for the PAP in order to get all the goodies that the Men-In-White dangle in front of the opposition wards' residence, I believe that it is more important that when you see a better person doing something positive and doing it well for their respective wards and indirectly for the country, you vote for the better person. No question about that. 
I congratulate Mr Chiam See Tong for his sixth successive term as Potong Pasir's MP. He is a good man that people can actually see him doing work instead of just appearing once every 5 years. The stuff that he usually do on a normal day was done without any fanfare, media coverage nor flower garlands. He just gets the job done and move on to the next. Period. 
If having a lift at every floor of every block is that important and Gahmen is going all out to make it difficult for Chiam to get the funds and resources to do it, then I say to Mr Chiam, that he has to find alternative ways to go about doing it. If your Gahmen is not going to help you, then I say, we go ahead and find ways to help ourselves.Look at Singapore when we got booted out of Malaysia. Or looking closer and smaller at the RunForFunds project. The parallels are uncanny. If we can't get help from the top, then we might as well look for help elsewhere. Sometimes help can even be found from the unlikely bottom. Don't have, don't have lor! We asked for help once, we asked for help a second time but we are certainly not going to grovel for a 3rd time. 
By then, if we managed to pull it off, don't expected to be invited to the celebrations.  
Rockson was right in the sense that it may be a good idea to move to opposition wards where the PAP will continue to throw goodies at you. PAP courting the opposition wards are like  男女朋友, while those in the PAP wards will be treated machiam like  老夫老妻. Both also not bad lah, but the prior is a bit more sweet. No? 
Here's another thought. Given that the conditions of the opposition wards have fallen quite far behind their PAP counterparts, wouldn't the property prices in those wards be severely under-valued? MM Lee did in his panel discussion with the youngsters that opposition wards will eventually be upgraded but only a matter of time as they are at the back of the queue.  
So suddenly, it looked like a good idea to buy a property there knowing that it is currently under-valued and will have a great rise potential. Think about it, the upgrading project has been going on for eons. 
Surely, the queue that Potong Pasir is in now will not be longer then another 5 years? I mean come on, don't bull-shit me lah. Where got upgrading queue as far back as almost 20 years one? Singapore very big is it?Ok, even if the queue for Potong Pasir is indeed nowhere to be near, I don't see Mr Chiam having a worthy successor yet. Perhaps, it is only a matter of time before Potong Pasir falls into the hands of PAP? Once that happened, expected Potong Pasir upgrading queue to be push to the front of the line and upgrading works would sure to begin immediately. 
As a result, property price in that area will be shooting up just as quickly. 
Can you say "ka-ching"? 
Well, that's it from me as far as the elections are concerned.
 From an old ACS boy to another, "Congratulations. Mr Chiam."
- Voxeros
1. aloe left...
Monday, 8 May 2006 9:43 am
Very apt comparison! 男女朋友?? 老夫老妻?? LOL!!!
My area was a walkover too..

2. whateverstreet left...
Monday, 8 May 2006 11:37 am ::
my area was a walkover too. for the 1st time.

3. JayWalk left...
Monday, 8 May 2006 6:39 pm :: 
Anna & Whateverstreet: Question for you ladies. Would you have preferred to be given the chance to vote?

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