25 September 2006

Picture Week Part 1 - Thai Military Coup 19 Sep 2006

For some reason, writing the Name Series has left me mentally exhausted. This week, I just going to give my brain a break and keeping it simple for introducing a Picture Week.

Like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Perhaps, photographers are more efficient writers than we are. Go figure.

Picture courtesy of AFP.

"For some Bangkok residents, Tuesday's coup proved to be a little more than a source of entertainment."
- SCMP 21 Sep 2006.

I believe that the children are the most powerful people in the world. They are the ones who would shape the future of the world. They have tears that can drown a thousand souls as well as a smile that can melt a million hearts.
- Voxeros

1. aloe left...
Monday, 25 September 2006 10:50 am
at least, theirs has the support of their king and is more peaceful than the t..w.. one.... which is still ongoing...

2. JayWalk left...
Monday, 25 September 2006 10:54 am ::
Anna: They were saying that this was by far the friendliest coup in the history of Thailand. I am just glad no blood was shed in the process.

3. akk left...
Monday, 25 September 2006 5:47 pm
i think its always pretty volatile if a country allows its military to take political sides. but then, i can see why the ppl are much happier being in the hands of the military, it's either that or rely on a corrupt police force. probably more safer in the streets now than ever.

4. JayWalk left...
Monday, 25 September 2006 6:29 pm :: 
Akk: Well, apparently during this coup, the Police were involved alongside with the military.

5. xcake left...
Tuesday, 3 October 2006 1:20 am ::
Ah..why got password for the name series?? I want to readddd. Please?

6. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 3 October 2006 9:30 am :: 
xcake: Go check you tag board on your own blog. ok?

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