12 January 2007

Freezing In JiangXi

As I have mentioned my JiangXi trip recently, the mercury dropped drastically as I headed 500km North. I had my long-sleeve polo, vest and a jacket to keep warm. Good thing I remember bringing my Nike thermal gloves as my finger joints have this tendency to ache very badly under extreme coldness.

It was a nice 15 degree Celsius when I set off and by the time I reached my destination it was down to just 3 degrees. Luckily, I was indoors and pumped full of alcohol when I retired to bed. It probably would have drop to Zero (or even lower) as the night wore on.


- Voxeros 

1. Heather made this comment,

3.1 degrees? so warrrmmm *hehehe*
comment added :: 11th January 2007, 00:26 GMT+08

2. Pam made this comment,

do you not wear any sweaters? or woolly
hats/scarves? at the mo, it's 11 deg high and about 3 at night. i wear a long sleeve top and a sweater at work, plus the winter jacket for outside, a scarf and a woolly hat if i'm going out for a long time. did
you hear, in New York, it's 22 degC!! m'gawd, global warming is happening !!!
comment added :: 11th January 2007, 00:47 GMT+08

3. JayWalk made this comment,

Heather: Your side Finland of course colder lah....

Pam: Sweater very unglam leh.... haiz... I is ai swee mai mia one... :P
ok seriously, I dislike sweater as it is very leceh to remove once indoors. I prefer clothes that can be put on and remove easily.
comment added :: 11th January 2007, 02:14 GMT+08

4. Pam made this comment,

hello...what sort of sweaters do you have??! since when are sweaters unglam?!
comment added :: 11th January 2007, 06:59 GMT+08

5. Pam made this comment,
plus...if you have to seriously remove so many layers when you get indoors, your heating is probably too high!
comment added :: 11th January 2007, 07:00 GMT+08

6. spinnee made this comment,

take care hor. sounds... cold *gulp*
comment added :: 11th January 2007, 08:49 GMT+08

7. JayWalk made this comment,

Pam: Ok ok... I stand corrected. I dun like sweaters coz they very leceh. As for heating too high, not up
to me to control leh since it is other people's building leh.

Spinnee: I am back like in relatively warmer temperature of 15 deg Celsius.
comment added :: 11th January 2007, 09:16 GMT+08

8. sunflower made this comment,

Ai swee your head!
You should have checked the temperture before you set off for your trip. Errr...... trying to impress in the end, end up freezing!!
comment added :: 12th January 2007, 09:18 GMT+08

9. JayWalk made this comment,

Sunflower: Ok lah. I survived it pretty well. I think the fact that I am more resilient to cold than the
average folk helped quite a bit.
comment added :: 12th January 2007, 10:41 GMT+08

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