14 January 2007

JayWalking In Atlanta

As many are aware, my blogo-moniker, JayWalk, is derived from a play of words. My name is Jay and this blog is about my Walk on this planet. Hence Jay + Walk = JayWalk. Geddit? Geddit?

Hence, it came as no surprise that whenever jaywalking shows up in the news, I would be drawn to it like a moth to an open flame.

Can't resist.... must read......

Anyway, spotted this amusing article in the (don't ask me how I managed to access the website from Spitland) dated 13 Jan 2006.

Apparently some poor Brit got pounced on, wrestled to the ground and cuffed by FIVE friggin' armed police officers, all for the grand crime of crossing the street illegally i.e. jaywalking. Talk about overkill! Poor guy was locked up in jail for 8 hours before he was released. He also had his box of mints confiscated! Oh the horror!!

For a bladdy country who is always harping on other countries' human rights abuse, blah... blah... blah.... They are not putting themselves in a very positive light either. No?

Anyway. Read the full article here -->

Ok and that's that. Short post for this Monday and I thought I open the week with a little jaywalking joke that I heard when I was in Sec. 1.

It was a hot afternoon and a man was taking a shower in his home. Halfway through and there was a knock on the door. The man grabbed his green towel and scrambled across the house to answer the door.

The man was dripping wet when he opened the door and his trouble did not go unrewarded for there standing in the door was a very beautiful lady. She was absolutely HOT!

Before the lady could finish introducing herself and explain that she was going door-to-door taking surveys, a small tent was forming under the green towel.

Little did the poor lady know, that this man was one heck of a perverted chee ko pek and was completely caught off guard when the man yanked his green towel away and exposed himself to her.

The lady was in shocked and instinctively ran in the opposite direction, away from the house and onto the street only to meet an oncoming truck.

The truck couldn't stop in time and the lady was ran over. She was killed instantly.

Moral Of The Story: Do not cross the road when the Green Man is flashing.

* Photo Credits: AP/BBC
- Voxeros


1. akk made this comment,

Thanks for the corny morning break......
comment added :: 15th January 2007, 09:47 GMT+08

2. JayWalk made this comment,

Akk: Can't help it. I ate corn flakes for breakfast this morning. A-maize-ing hor?
comment added :: 15th January 2007, 10:13 GMT+08

3. spinnee made this comment,

comment added :: 15th January 2007, 10:59 GMT+08

4. JayWalk made this comment,

Spinnee: :P :P :P
comment added :: 15th January 2007, 12:30 GMT+08

5. Dicta made this comment,

Eeew ... remember that one from school days.
comment added :: 16th January 2007, 13:45 GMT+08

6. JayWalk made this comment,

Dicta: LOL.... oh man.... ain't it the good old days, eh? sigh...
comment added :: 16th January 2007, 16:27 GMT+08

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