10 September 2007

NB - Sibeh Long Meme wor!

I already have this big disdain for memes liao and this time I not only kena shoot another meme (again!) but a bladdy long and lor sor one!! *groan*

Wah raoz.... sibeh ma fan leh....

I don't want to do, can?



Ok lah. Given our "special relationship" hor. Ok lor. I do lah. *grumble grumble*

List out your top 5 birthday presents you wish for:
  • A pair of RTW air tickets. First Class, please.
  • Tickets to Wimbledon, Australian, US and French tennis opens.
  • Tickets to Old Trafford.
  • Tour of Scotland (including golf at St Andrews Old Course) and the various single-malt distilleries.
  • ..... er.... world peace?
Answer the following questions:
1. The person/people who tagged you is/are?
2. Your relationship with him/her is...
  • She wants to marry me.
3. Your 5 impressions of him/her...
  • Cute smile.
  • Silky hair...
  • ...on her moustache. Ok! Ok! Head! Head!
  • Beautiful eyes.
  • Heart of gold.
4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you...
  • Buy 4D for me.
5. The most memorable words he/she had said to you...
  • eeyer...
6. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she will...
  • never let me have the chance to make it out of the room, ever.
7. If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be...
  • the moustache Nothing.
8. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...
  • MSN her mother "小姐, 一个人啊? 要不要做朋友?".
9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be...
  • She asked her dad to MSN me "小弟, 一个人啊? 要不要做朋友?".
10. The most desire thing you want to do for him/her now is...
  • Paint the centipede nice nice for her. Click Here .
11. Your overall impression of him/her is...
  • Sibeh hor pian.
12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
  • Siao ting tong.
13. The character you love of yourself are...
  • Ang moh buay pai, Ch1nese mah si eh sai. Sian char bor lagi lee hai
14. On the contrary, the characters you hate of yourself are...
  • I see pweety ger, I berry shy lor.....
15. The most ideal person you want to be is...
  • Gary. He see pweety ger one hor. He not shy one. Power.
16. For people that care and like you, say something to them...
  • 亲爱的朋友大家一起来!
  • 把所有一切烦恼都抛开!
  • 搞笑写作还有娱乐动态!
  • 锁定我这博客您别走开!
17. Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wish to know how they feel about you...
  1. Lexandria - Jeet lang jeet puar. Kum cheng buay suar....
  2. Jean - 拔萝卜, 拔萝卜. 嘿哟! 嘿哟! 拔萝卜!...
  3. Joyce - This meme is real one! Nair bruff you! REALLY!
  4. Gary - I early early chope you to do this liao hor!
  5. R3gular - Come back we go lim jiu. ON lah!
  6. Sheena - Welcome back to blogging. Here's to getting you started.
  7. Red Queen - Get to work! *Whip! Whip!*
  8. KingMeng - Sell Berbatov to me leh....
  9. Qiaoyun - Something for you to do in between scenes.
  10. Little Dowager* - Do this or next time no more StyleMeter for you!
Who is No.6 having relationship with?
  • This one recently single again. Any takers? Lelong! Lelong!
Is No.9 a male or female?
  • This one berry pweety one. *shy* 
If No.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
How about No.8 and 5?
  • Guy and guy. Earlier is girl and girl. Am I the only one who is straight these days??
What is No.2 studying about?
  • Multimedia, design, multimedia design?
When was the last time you had a chat with No.3?
What kind of music band does No.8 like?
  • S.H.E.!!
Does No.1 has any siblings ?
  • Got 1 brother but that one really long story.
Will you woo No.3 ?
  • Of course! Take no prisoners!! 宁可杀错, 不可放过!
How about No.7 ?
  • This one ah..... can also but hor, I sure end up prisoner one.
Is No.4 single ?
  • Yes. Eh.... Sheena also single wor. You thinking what I thinking? Mai Too Liao!! Lai! Lai! Lelong! Lelong!
What is the surname of no.5?
  • Lin
What is the nickname of no.10?
  • CheeKo Soh
What is the hobby of no.4?
  • Fap fap fap.
Do no.5 and 9 get along well?
  • Wah raoz.... ChioBu leh... how not to get along?
Where is no.2 studying at?
  • Temasek Polytechnic
Talk something casually about no.1?
  • This one if you feed her gin and beer together hor. She happy like bird one and then go lalalalalala.....
Have you try developing feelings for no.8?
  • Cannot. Wait KM's girlfriend twist ear. Pain.
- Voxeros

1. OLLie left...
Sunday, 9 September 2007 12:35 pm ::
hahahhaa.. Eh. I don't want centipede or butterfly. I want nicer one! Cool cool design can anot? The centipede is damn ugly la.

2. Gary left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 12:40 am
wah.. i kana by you up down left right centre.. the way you listed the people is according to the question one.. look like i have to be a meme-killer liao..

3. Cheeko Soh AKA LD left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 2:54 am ::
Acherly, you mistaken me already. I'm acherly more lomantic than cheeko.

4. shelled left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 8:23 am ::
Fwah. Really sibei long meme. Heng I not close to you so never kenna-ed. But shouldn't it be "亲爱" instead of "情爱"?? =p

5. JayWalk left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 9:26 am ::
Ollie: Eh... you last time say I draw centipede "until so chio somemore". Now say ugly. iHurted. Click Here For Evidence

Gary: To be honest, I did not look at the questions when I listed down the 10 people. Strangely, all the questions all fall into place nicely. Fated lah.

Little Dowager*: Wah... laugh until like that... *shy*

Shelled: Harlow. Long time no see. Thanks for pointing out the typo. That's 1 ch1nese typo in the entire entry. By ACS standard hor, that is sibeh miracle liao....... two more of these and the Pope lan lan must make me a Saint.

6. sunflower left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 9:38 am
Dont give me a MeMe to do when I come back to blog in next Jan...

7. OLLie left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 9:40 am ::
My taste grown better over the years mah. wahahaha.. Stylish stylish one la. Onz?

8. JayWalk left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 10:25 am :: 
sunflower: Hopefully, I don't get any lor.

Ollie: Eh... how about I draw a new one. I have a great idea on the next design. Mushroom head on one end and two hairy rambutans on the other? Ai mai?

9. Bellatrix Lestrange left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 1:05 pm
Wah .. Sabo....

10. JayWalk left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 4:38 pm :: 
Bellatrix: I also kena sabo lor.... so if I going down hor, I taking you with me.

11. Bellatrix Lestrange left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 6:00 pm
Sorry... I not so close to you for me to accompany you to where you are going.. but don't worry i will burn more money for you when the time comes.... :P you want maid too???

12. JayWalk left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 6:50 pm :: 
Bellatrix: Er.... the maid chio one or not ah?

13. Bellatrix Lestrange left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 10:27 pm
Basket... Send u maid still hiam this hiam that.. all come in standard size one lah.. U make noise somemore, i burn u one tay si lang then u know :P

14. JayWalk left...
Monday, 10 September 2007 10:56 pm :: 
Bellatrix: Bor swee one, then I don't want liao.

15. Bellatrix Lestrange left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 9:02 am
Up to you lah.. u very fussy.... burn give you still hiam this hiam that.. Dont come comprain to me that i no good to u, I no burn maid for you....

16. Gary left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 9:48 am
eh.. hungry ghost festival close gate liao.. wait another year ba.. at the meantime, pls control your sexual behaviours..

17. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 10:41 am :: 
Bellatrix: I got minimum standard one ok!

Gary: My dear friend. I urge you to re-read every single comment here carefully and closely. There was never any connotation of a sexual context.

Keep it in your own pants, will ya? sheesh!

18. Bellatrix Lestrange left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 12:07 pm
U should be glad pple dun hiam u, still wanna hiam pple..... Give me your standard Where got Sexual connotations????????? I ish very clean one ok.. This is chewren friendly comment leh... Its all Jaywalk's fault lah say i into BDSM.. U know can liaos, still have to tell whole world meh... Cannot trust you with secrets one leh

19. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 1:44 pm :: 
Bellatrix: If maid chio, then I won't hiam lor. Simple as that.

That aside. This Gary really one kind. We all innocent innocent discussing Brisbane Destination Shipment Monitoring (BDSM) then this si gin nah come and kachow say dunno what sexual behavior.

Jialat man...... this little cheeko pervert.

20. Bellatrix Lestrange left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 4:45 pm
No need BDSM liaos.. Shipment Cleared liaos.. on its way to Cnee

21. Gary left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 5:42 pm
wahahahaha.. i never say you got sexual connotations.. got RQ protect can already..

22. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 6:24 pm
Bellatrix: Glad to hear that all is well. Hope you learn your lesson. Be nice to me and your shipments will clear.

Gary: You better be careful around here. Later RQ whip you jialat jialat, I also cannot save you liao.

23. Bellatrix Lestrange left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 10:47 pm
What??? I protect Jaywalk? For what? He dun need me to protect one lah.. By the way hor, I didn't talk to you for the whole of today the shipment cleared.. It means only 1 thing, u bring me bad luck... :P

24. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 11:08 pm ::
Bellatrix: Au contraire, mon cherie! It is because you were never mean to me for the whole of the day that resulted in shipment clearing smoothly.

25. Bellatrix Lestrange left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 11:09 pm
Remind me not to talk to you anymore.. Hahaha No talk = no need to be mean....
*starts ignoring Jaywalk....

26. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 11:15 pm :: 
Bellatrix: I expected that response coming from you. Sooooo predictable.

You can resist not kachowing me meh?

27. akk left...
Friday, 14 September 2007 10:45 am
One face for you...

but good write-up anyways.:)

28. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 September 2007 1:32 pm :: 
akk: Er.... I have no idea what you just commented...

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