24 September 2007

Yellow W&W

I was at the ShenZhen airport heading to my boarding gate as I was leaving for the GuiLin tournament when I spotted this en route.

It's the Yellow M&M's long lost evil twin!!!

It's the Yellow W&W!!!!

Welcome to Spitland where we have fakes and imitations all over the place. While they say that imitation is the best form of flattery, l say lousy forgeries with the lamest of efforts is definitely hands-down the best form of insult.

Really bad job here as I cringed while taking a photo of it.

This reminded me of one of those "dumb blonde" jokes.

Q: Why was the dumb blonde fired from the M&M factory?
A: She rejected all the candies with the "W"s printed on it.

Hmm.... maybe it wasn't a joke after all.... hmm....
- Voxeros

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