11 September 2007

The Sushi Girl II

I have decided to declassify my earlier post "The Sushi Girl" and removed the password protection. So there. Knock yourselves out.

The Guy

It's been 2 months since Frank returned to Ta1wan and we haven't heard from him since. Not even a phone call or sms. We don't even see him on MSN either. To think we treated him like one of us and it is just weird that he vanished into thin air.

I can't help but feel that he has severed all ties with us and to think we threw him a farewell bbq the night before and making him promise to return after his national service stint (yes, he passed out again after 2 beers and no, we didn't invite The Sushi Girl this time).

Had it been any other person, I wouldn't have bothered with a second thought but here we had was a super nice guy who was warm, friendly and sweet until your toilet bowl gets infested with ants. This behavior from warm to Zero Kelvin cold has certainly taken us aback.

I asked the rest of the gang this question.

Was Frank a phony act from day 1?
Granted he was the only one not related to any of us and worked for one of our family businesses, we never did make that distinction (as in you employee, us employer) and treated him as part of the family. Heck, we even thought of pairing off with one of the sisters!

Anyway, I applaud him for the great pretense for he certainly had me fooled for 1+ year.

I don't think this guy will return to our lives any time soon, if ever.

The Girl

Hong disappeared shortly after as we found out that she left the sushi shop. It wasn't all that big a deal as restaurant staff turnovers are very common anyway and it is not like we are friends. Frank and her. Yes. She and us? Er.... not really.

Well, as fate would have it, we bumped into her again 2 weeks ago at another sushi restaurant and as we found out later, she left the old shop to come to the new one where the boss of the new restaurant poached her over with a managerial post and a better package.

Well, the new restaurant was so-so and not much different from the old one as far as food is concerned. Granted that the place is bigger and the decor is nicer, those external factors can only hold your interest for so long. Hong was kind enough to give us 40% discount (opening week promotion) that evening but even so, the bill was higher than if we were to dine at the old restaurant (20% discount over there for regulars customers).
So I guess if we are not going to return to this new restaurant anytime soon, I can take her off my book for now.

Hence, my decision to release The Sushi Girl into the open as I don't feel a need to protect their identities anymore since (a) nobody in my Spitland vicinity reads this and able to link it back to them and (b) I don't care since they no longer exist in my book?

Anyway, carrying on from that fateful night, nothing happened, much to the disappointment of everybody. Frank really really passed out that night. Wimp.

Nothing much was said about the morning after but I can only imagine the awkward conversation consisting of "Good morning.", "Bye, I'll see you around." and "I'll call you." in no particular order.

Oh well, like a bad chart-topping song like Macarena, Lambada or Lemon Tree. It came. It stayed. It left. It forgotten.

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- Voxeros

1. hiaoauntie left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 11:29 pm
Err... may i know what is the point of this post?

2. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 11:51 pm :: 
Hiaoauntie: This is just a follow up to my earlier entry. Sort of an after-thought of sorts. The earlier entry was merely a journal entry of what happened that day. If you are looking for some sort of a "Moral of the Story" here, I'm afraid you are going to be sorely disappointed.

3. OLLie left...
Thursday, 13 September 2007 1:42 am
Oooh. Your sushi pic looks kinda good. Makes me feel like eating jap food. hahaha..

4. JayWalk left...
Thursday, 13 September 2007 9:45 am :: 
Ollie: Which one? The photo or the chalkboard?

5. OLLie left...
Thursday, 13 September 2007 8:20 pm ::

6. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 September 2007 12:33 am :: 
Ollie: Oh .. thanks thanks.

7. akk left...
Friday, 14 September 2007 10:48 am
would be nice if something happened.....he needs to learn how to hold his drink. in any case, maybe he feel awkward around you guys, dunno where put his face, that's why din contact you all. or perhaps he decided he doesnt want to drink anymore and seeing you guys, being so fun, will tempt him into it again... so many reasons!

8. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 September 2007 1:30 pm :: 
Akk: He finally called earlier this week like 2 months later. He is slated to enter NS next month. He said he was busy with stuff back home which is why he never called to stay in touch.

9. JF left...
Friday, 14 September 2007 4:15 pm
IMHPOV...well.. frenz come and go... like bus stations and buses... you dun get the same drivers on every route...
anyways.. u aso not on my msn.. jin cham leh

10. JayWalk left...
Friday, 14 September 2007 6:05 pm :: 
JF: True lah. We are aware of this. It's just that we expected him not to be one of these people which probably explained out disappointment lor.

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