09 November 2007

Announcing The Arrival Of MeeKiaTah

For those who have been following my good buddy, MeePokTah's blog, you would have realised that he hasn't updated his blog for the longest time.

Truth to be told that other than his busy work schedule and marathon preparation, he was also getting ready for fatherhood.

So here's the good news and I am happy to announce the arrival of MeeKiaTah at 7:50am this morning. According to the proud father, baby girl is a fiesty one coz she cries very loud one.

MeeKiaTah Gey Hiam?

Anyway, after I sent my heartiest congratulations, I asked MeePok to faster hurry register MeeKia's name everywhere. Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, skype,, blogger, blog-city, etc.

Must early early chope mah. Tio bor?

- Voxeros

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