16 November 2007

Condom Hair Band

I was laughing my ass off when I read this news report in the South Ch1na Morning Post (13 Nov 2007).

Imagine hair band with free application of hair gel!

There's Something About Mary!

Ok ok... so perhaps the slimy icky texture wasn't spunk that one would straight away imagine (imagine that smell on your hair! mmm......).

Perhaps it was something more subtle like lubricant?

Girl 1: Gee.... I like the strawberry smell on your hair! What shampoo do you use?

Girl 2: Nah... I use condom hair band. I got a banana flavour one in my purse. You want?

Actually, the idea of lubricant on the hair band isn't that bad an idea.

How many girls have had the trouble of yanking a few extra strands of hair when they pull off their hair bands?

Ouch right?

So imagine now that there is lubricant for the hair to smoothly slip out of the hair band. Ain't that a great product idea? Throw in some aloe vera extract, ginseng extract, protein (the amino kind) and vitamin B2 into the mix and you have a condom hair band that is actually healthy for the hair!

I can see the new branding now....

Cock Head & Shoulders

Consperm Confirm sure sell like Portuguese Egg Tart, Donuts and Bubble Tea all rolled into one!

Any venture capitalists out there interested in investing some seed money?

- Voxeros

1. nadnut left...
Monday, 19 November 2007 2:29 pm ::
eeeew. special hair gel man.

2. Mr Moron left...
Monday, 19 November 2007 6:18 pm ::
won't the hair band be very flimsy?

3. JayWalk left...
Monday, 19 November 2007 7:36 pm :: 
nadnut: I hope that make the hairbands out of factory rejects instead of recycled ones that they send people to retrieve from other's people's garbage. Double eww!!!

Mr Moron: Welcome to the blog. Flimsy? I haven't the faintest clue.

4. okiedokie left...
Tuesday, 20 November 2007 9:18 am
i was listening to radio a few wks ago & the DJs were talking about various usage of condoms other than its intended function; and one of them was actually using it as hairband. Reason being condom is rather elastic... but the DJs' recommendation of coz is not used condoms but new ones: just tie a knot with the 2 ends to form the 'hairband'....
Ch1na's manufacturing reputation is bad enuff already & this comes along...

5. JayWalk left...
Tuesday, 20 November 2007 11:11 am :: 
okiedokie: I can see the instructional pamplet that come with the hair band.

"When in emergency, untie knot."

6. JayMaster left...
Saturday, 15 December 2007 4:31 am
They're easy to recycle...just turn them inside out and shake the f**k out of them!

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