26 November 2007

Maximise Your Potential Award Ceremony (Sept 2007)

Update from RunForFunds.

The combined Maximise Your Potential (MYP) ceremony for Geylang Methodist Primary School (GMPS) and Secondary school (GMSS) students was held on 8th September 2007.

This year, we celebrate the event with the presentation of the MYP awards to 10 GMPS Students and 6 GMSS students.

The conference room burst at its seams as parents, students, RFF sponsors streamed in.

You'd notice that this year, unlike past years, there are not individual photos of the recipients.

The reason: My resident photographer couldn't come due to work commitments.

So with the help of a stand-in photo-man (you know who you are, haha!) and a lot of photoshop magic, I present you with pics below of 2 teachers who are instrumental in the structuring and execution of the MYP programme since its inception in 2004.

Jessie Soh with GMPS student Jackie Thng

Theresa Thong with GMPS student Karin Low.

I'd also like to thank Ms Hazel Kaan for administering the MYP award for GMSS since 2006.

MYP will continue to receive top priority for RFF sponsorships as it impacts young lives where it matters most and makes a real difference to charting the future paths they take.

- Voxeros

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