13 December 2007

Fishy Restaurant - Part 2 of 2

Continuing from where we left off yesterday.

Things started to get interesting when I spotted the chef doing what looked like stirring the water in the fish tank. Perhaps the fish cooks better when it is dizzy?

As it turned out, one fish actually got dizzy by swimming with its belly up.

Just when you thought this was one restaurant with an unique specialty. Well, disappointingly, it was not.


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Well, the truth of the matter was that the belly-up fish wasn't dizzy. It was dying and the chef somehow thought that exercising the fish would make it alive and well again (let's see you do CPR on the fish!). Sometimes I can't help but be amazed what they were thinking at that time.

Here's the funny thing. While the chef was going through all these antics, it was quite a while before he turned around and noticed me watching him making a fool out of himself, to which he immediately stopped. I could sense him blushing from a distance.

So how? On one hand, the chef had a fish belly-up in full glory and on the other hand, the chef had a kaypoh customer (me) curious to see how he was going to dig himself out of this predicament.

The picture above is taken right about this time when he fetched the rubber hose from the kitchen and what the chef did next was absolute champion.

First, he stirred the water in the upper tank until all the murk, that was originally settled at the bottom of the tank, rise up and make the whole tank of water opaquely cloudy.

Next, plunging in the hose where he siphoned the other end to draw the water from the upper tank to the lower tank, thus making the water in the lower tank just as opaque.

Voila! The belly-up fish is gone. Problem solved!

Ok, I feel sorry for the next patron who is going to order the fish. I won't be there to witness it. I am soooo not coming back either.

- Voxeros

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