23 December 2007

Homecoming VI

Ah yes, it's that time again where the Salmons swim upstream and the Leatherbacks land at Terengganu.

Yes. I am heading home!

BUT not to spawn lah!


Due to the fact that I am using Frequent Flyer miles to exchange for an award ticket this time, I wasn't able to get a flight home in time for Christmas, given that my ticket is the lowest class status i.e. "Free One", despite the fact that I made the booking way back in September.

Ticket No Revenue = Ticket No Status.
So lan lan end up getting one for 28th December instead.

Ok lah. Still part of the festive week as friends and families would still be quite free to come out and party. Besides, had I come back in time for Christmas, I would end up heading back before New Year. So my type of timing is that it's either Christmas or New Year but not both.

Still, I'd feel better if I had a choice. Sigh...

BUT, free air ticket leh. MAI HIAM BUAY PAI LAH!

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- Voxeros

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