04 December 2007

Naive Myopia


"Not to rub it in; Singapore got WORLD CLASS Medicine (sic) facility....

...How come must go to Chennai for medical treatment?...

...Unless the air ticket and the medical fees come up less then  (sic) here."

We spoke about Ms Devi & family, yesterday, accompanying her father to Chennai to seek medical treatment when a comment (read right) from the SPUG Forum took me by surprise.

I was caught off guard by the myopic and naive mentality of this comment. Why do these people who assume that Singapore is better than everybody in every friggin' thing?

While I don't have any beef with people who feel proud of their country, I just can't stand those who belittle others and especially more so when their own country (or my own), in actual fact, has nothing to show for except a mere perception, if at all true, is better. There is difference between taking knowledgeable pride and being an arrogant ignoramus.

Strangely coincident was the timing of this article from South China Morning Post (click above to enlarge) that was featured last week around the same time as Ms Devi's letter to the $traits Times Forum which I found the editorial highly enlightening.

Perhaps I felt urged to set the record straight for this SixShot person (not that I can accuse him/her of seeing other countries no up) that sure we have heard horror stories about the traffic, the airport, the civil services, some of the quirky cultural practices etc, it does not make a country any lesser. I am sure in just as many areas, countries like India and such would probably match us evenly, if not better than us.

Every country has got something good and something bad. Perhaps, we should focus on learning the good  for our own educational benefit, rather than taking delight and gloating over other countries' bad points?

- Voxeros

1. Pam left...
Tuesday, 4 December 2007 7:47 pm
People like sixshot probably think this way after being 'brainwashed' by the govt that we are good at everything... thinking back to when we were living there, don't you remember the 'best port in the world', 'best airline in the world', 'best hospitals in the world', 'best universities...'...etcetc. pride comes before a fall - that's all I'd say!! :)

2. Pam left...
Tuesday, 4 December 2007 7:48 pm
and just to add - people from the UK do go to such places (sg, thailand, india, eastern europe) to get medical assistance, from cancer treatments, to laser eye surgeries, boob jobs and what-have-yous... mostly coz it's cheaper, 'better' and you get a 'holiday' thrown in!!! :)

3. YOUNGJEDI left...
Tuesday, 4 December 2007 10:09 pm ::
Yeah .. I feel that probably Singapore feels that they have achieve #1 in many areas that makes them want to share with other countries. Unfortunately, in doing so we sometimes lacked the sentivity. Others may feel that we are actually telling or dictating them what to do. Singaporeans should be humble at all times too and should never be complacent, e.g Healthcare may be of high quality but we should not forget that this is a basic public products that "all" should afford it. Expensive high quality medicine not = #1. I don't think Singapore has acheive #1. In my opinon, there is no such thing as #1 in this world. Keeps improving and thinking that one may reach the imaginery #1 should be the right attitude. Don't you think so.

4. JayWalk left...
Wednesday, 5 December 2007 11:21 pm :: 
Pam & YoungJedi: The No.1 title is actually an "at the moment" title for this competition/ranking is an ongoing concern. If we stay complacent, I'd bet you my last dollar that we would be easily knock off the mantle, if you can call it one to begin with.

Singaporeans should travel more to see the rest of the world and it would be an eye opener. There will be things that we are superior at the moment and on the same token, there will be other things that others are more superior. Still, this is merely a transient phase where the arrogant will be pulled down and the diligent will be pushed up.

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