01 December 2007

RunForFunds 2007 - Accounts

Again, mirroring the RunForFunds website:

A quick recap.

Earlier this year, I visited Geylang East Home for the Aged to sponsor more medical beds and explore possibilities of upgrading the wards.  (You'd recall that we sponsored medical beds for one ward)
I'm pleased to inform you that other generous folks have followed RunForFunds's example and upgraded all the beds in the home.

This is what RunForFunds hopes to achieve. A multiplier effect.

Hence there were no RunForFunds expense this year for this old folks home.

From the existing funds (Click here for 2006 financial closing report), we'll be channeling money raised by the EDB chapter to fund Geylang Methodist Primary School's Maximise Your Potential (MYP) programme, Pocket Money Fund and enrichment programmes.

Hence a cheque of $16,160.59 + interest earned** will be written to GMPS in December 2007 to fund the programmes for at least another 2 years.

So as it stands, the remaining $36,942.52 + interest earned** will be used to fund other RunForFunds programmes in 2008.

This will include a new MYP programme + Pocket Money Fund @ Sembawang Primary School.

All funds raised during RunForFunds Dec 2007 Stanchart Marathon will be directed to D'Joy Children Centre.

(** interest earned will be calculated based on bank statements at time of withdrawal).

- MeePokTah

- Voxeros

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