18 March 2010

Thai Red Army March

It's great to be a Road Warrior again. Perhaps this is my calling after all. Cursed to never be able to settle in any single location for long.

Destined to be a nomad, perhaps?

So anyway, I am writing this in Bangkok and smack in the middle of the Thai Red Army March in protest against the incumbent government.

Quite a bit of drama as litres of human blood with spilled and splashed to curse the present government, grenades tossed and cache of weapons discovered and confiscated.

In all, it was a peaceful event and I am glad that both sides exercised great restrain to erupt this event into one of violence.

The folks were pleasantly friendly then when we got caught in the jam of the Red March, one of the Red supporters actually politely asked us to turn our car around as they apologise that we wouldn't be able to get onto the street that we want as the procession will take quite a bit of time.

Tourist were all over the streets whipping out their camera, mobile phones and snapping away in total safety. The Red folks even waved back at us when we took their pictures.

Gotta love them Thai folks. Such sincere graciousness and friendliness that we should take a leaf and learn from them.

It's great to be a Road Warrior again.

- Voxeros

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