05 March 2010

$1. How About It?

This has been going on for many years already. Dr Chee was sued by the Lees and was awarded a shitload of damages against him. As a result, Dr Chee had to declare bankruptcy, which effectively disqualify him from standing for future elections until he is discharge.

Some may say that this is the ruling party' tactic to prevent Dr Chee from running against them but I was thinking that surely the court would not have ruled in favour of the Lees had the allegations of defamation been disproved?

The court's decision to award damages of such magnitude may raise an eyebrow or two but the bottomline is that Dr Chee made some remarks that were found to be untrue and hence taken to task for it. No?

So here's what I think. How about a merely token gesture of $1 and all legal fees?

That way, the Lees will get what they wanted and that is the various allegations made by Dr Chee were untrue while on the flip side, Dr Chee will not be forced into bankruptcy and subsequently able to stand for election to challenge the polls fair and square.

It is not as if Dr Chee is a sure winner just because he stands for election. I mean if the ruling party thinks that they have done well and have the hearts of the people, what are they afraid of? I do not believe a mere Dr Chee can inflict so much fear into the ruling party. Quite unthinkable. Really.

I say do everything above board and challenge Dr Chee man to man. That way, when the ruling party wins, they would have won it fair and square and nobody can say otherwise.

So how about it? $1 and we close the case. Given that the ministers are soooooooo highly paid, I am sure they don't want the money and especially money under such circumstances.

- Voxeros

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