29 October 2010

Ah Seng Passes The Buck

" ... 这次李显龙宣布这么多的升迁当中,其实最主要就是把黄根成从内长那个位子换下来,其他都是烟雾


- The Temasek Review (29 Oct 2010) 
 - 黄部长通过换位来卸责
(By Lee Chong)

This article on the The Temasek Review was penned in response to the news of a cabinet shuffle where the main focus was the transfer of Wong Kan Seng out of the Ministry of Home Affairs, which in recent years has been consistently screwing up.

I agree with the author's sentiment that perhaps the main move was that of transferring Wong Kan Seng out of the hot zone. Every other appointments are merely smokescreen to deflect attention.

Think about it, if the cabinet shuffle were to be just that one transfer, it would be too obvious and we would all know EXACTLY what the reason is, wouldn't it?

Seriously, from Mas Selamat's escape to father using son's passport to exit, to attempted escapes right outside the doorstep of the subordinate courts to the awful handing of Dr Chee & Co.'s attempted march towards Parliament Building during the IMF Meet (See Youtube - Speakers Cornered below).

It is now more or less an open secret that the elections is right around the corner (I would think probably right after Chinese New Year) and come election rallying, Wong Kan Seng's report card is sure to be taken out for review, especially by the Opposition Parties to justify the his candidacy.

It will be ugly as each past screw up cited could be a potential fatal face-plant for the incumbent.

Perhaps they are thinking, which I felt is a tad naive, that by removing him from the MHA, he no longer has to account for the past foul ups and just pass everything to the successor. On the same token, the successor can easily just deny accountability citing that those unfortunate events occur before his time.

See how this ding dong game is being played?

As far as I am concerned, Wong Kan Seng will not have my vote regardless of what portfolio he holds nor whichever ward he will be running if he is not staying on in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

It is ironic that Wong Kan Seng is also doing a Mas Selamat here.

Mas Selamat was caught in the end. Right?

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