12 October 2010

Why CowboyCaleb And I No More Brudder

So on the rare occasion, CowboyCaleb decides to grace his appearance in my part of town, I bring him go eat Indian food only to have him order, 1order of roti, 2 orders naans (lucky I canceled his 1 more order of paratha) and get this....

... ONE curry dish and one order of samosa.

Walau... this fella know Indian food one or not???!!! ONE curry dish with 4 orders of bread!!!

This fella siao one!!!

In the end, we had to order two more dishes only to have ourselves stuffed silly.

So we decided to take a walk back to H0llywood Baby Bar coz I left my gym bag behind earlier.

En route we have to walk through a pub street and we came to this particular Japanese bar where there were two girls standing outside to invite guests in.

JayWalk: Eh... check out the two charbors.... the grey one on the left chio leh!! I rike!!


JayWalk: hahahahaha..... we must plurk this.

CowboyCaleb: Yah! Yah!

It's great to hang out again after so long.

Stay tuned to the next entry where CowboyCaleb and I conjured the next Sian xmm Episode. The dynamic duo strikes again!!!

- Voxeros

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