13 October 2010

Sian XMM Episode XX

So there we were after dinner back at the H0llyw00d Baby Bar for more drinks and chilling.

One of the barmaids showed up with dice and ask us to play. Initially, we were just playing where the loser drinks.

It wasn't long before Cowboy The Cheekopek Caleb started to have other ideas.

CowboyCaleb: Eh. 玩输的人喝酒不够刺激啦. 我们换别的.
* Yes. CowBoy The Cunning Linguist Caleb can speak mandarin quite well nowadays. Dun play play.

Barmaid: 好啊. 那我们玩什么?

CowboyCaleb: 我们玩输的人弹一下牙齿.

Barmaid: 变态!!

CowboyCaleb: 那我们玩输的人捏奶头. 你输了我就捏你奶头.

Barmaid: 不要!!

JayWalk: 听错了啦. 是捏下家的.

Barmaid: 哦. 好的. 可以!

*5-second delay*

Barmaid: OOOI!!! 不可以!!!!!


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nadnut said...

translate leh

JayWalk said...

nadnut: go to my plurk. it's there. Translated for RM1209 liao.

starmist said...

tsk tsk. men!

JayWalk said...

Starmist: and so you know where the drunk sms from CowboyCaleb came from. :)