05 October 2010


Part of the reason I am not fond of touch screen phone is because of my retarded fingers failing to typing accurately on the on-screen keyboard.

Perhaps is my many years of having a Qwerty keyboard like the Nokia 9300 > Nokia E90 > T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide. The only thing that comes closest to on-screen input is the Graffiti on my Palm OS PDAs.

So anyway, it was announced that Google has acquired BlindType, an extremely tolerant and instinctive on-screen keyboard that may for once change my mindset about considering my next phone to be a none qwerty one.

Check out the above youtube clip and be amazed!

- Voxeros


Mystique said...

oh. my. god. this is BRILLIANT!!!

JayWalk said...

I heard this is already available on the iPhone but given the Google has recently acquired it, my advise is the quickly get it before Google shuts off Apple's access this software.

1121 said...

this is cool!!!!!!! v useful for iphone i think.

JayWalk said...

I think very useful for any phone with a touch screen keyboard.

Now the worry is if Google will hoard it for its own Android phones, now that they have acquired this company.