20 April 2011

Singapore General Elections 2011

The long awaited General Elections has finally arrived. The day where the people judge and approve their servants has dawned.

Those who have served well during the last term would certainly receive the mandate to carry on, should the candidates desire so.

Those who have fooled and disappointed us, our voices of discontent would most certainly be heard.

I have long advocated against "voting the village idiot just to spite the arrogant incumbent".

However, I have also said before that "It is only a matter of time when the Gahmen hits bottom and voting ANYBODY would still be better."

I am not happy with the Gahmen of today.

If there is one word I would us to describe the current PAP and that would be:

The idea of paying millions of dollars salaries to our cabinet ministers does not go down well with me AT ALL.

If the Lee & Co. feel underpaid if we don't give them multi-million per annum salaries, then by all means do not take the job.



I would gladly accept the alternative candidates who are willing to serve the country for less. MUCH less.

I have come to the realisation that some of the great policies implemented by PAP in the past are not exclusively the copyright of the PAP. Anyone from any party can do the same as long as given the opportunity.

The SMRT train system, for example, was a great forward thinking idea but would any one say that without the PAP this would not materialise?

Thus the call to ballot is not to vote for what can or will be done for Singapore. Vote instead for the person that can and would do it for Singapore

The other issue that has long been a thorn at my side is the blatantly zoning and re-zoning of the various constituencies as well as the dishonest idea of the GRC where untested candidates get smuggled into Parliament.

This coming elections at Marine Parade GRC would be interesting as Tin Pei Ling will attempt to sneak in under the cloak of incumbent GCK.

Here's the best part. NSP has also decided to field a young lass, a 24-year old at that, to contest in the Marine Parade GRC.

If people feel that PAP created a joke fielding Tin Pei Ling, then NSP simply added the finishing touches, turning the joke into a full blown circus with Nicole Seah.

Many have voiced their concerns over Ms Tin's relatively young age and most certainly Ms Seah's as well, given the latter is even younger. Personally, I do not have an issue with age. If they can do a good job. Why not?

But hor, let us be the one to decide. Can?

Hey. I have an idea.

How about a 1-to-1 contest between Tin Pei Ling and Nicole Seah in the Mountbatten SMC? That would be most interesting. No?

In the past, candidate smuggling works only because people are too afraid to lose the incumbent who has done a great job during the last term(s).

However, this method can work both ways for now that people are wiser and more able to see through the whole smokescreen, it may end up that the incumbent fails in his/her election simply because the voters do not approve of his/her team mate(s).

Thus, would end up the case of 不怕狼对手, 只怕猪队友. The weakest candidate ending up playing the role of the Sabo King/Queen/Princess.

Many people buay song the PAP gahmen long long time already but somehow the MIW are still oblivious to it.

The unhappiness voiced out by some were even classified as mere "noise".

Many have disapprove of Dr Chee Soon Juan's confrontation tactics. There is however, one good thing that came out from it and that is exposing the high-handed tactics deployed by the PAP gahmen "fixing" him.

That is just one of the several examples that we have seen over years.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have hit bottom.

It's time to vote.

- Voxeros


dz said...

It's a tiny error, tpl is 27. Otherwise, great, great article.

JayWalk said...

Hi dz,

welcome to the blog.

24 year old was actually referring to Nicole Seah.

To avoid further confusion I have since rephrase it per your comment.

Thanks for pointing that out.


Meepoktah said...

Fielding nicole seah shows NSP no blain.
no finesse.
how to fight PAP?
When will they, if ever, learn?

JayWalk said...

Meepoktah: I dun think NSP is expecting to win the Marine Parade GRC at all.

The introduction of Nicole Seah is perhaps a satirical response to PAP's introduction to TPL?