28 April 2011

Smell No Smoke

Once again the media has pitted Tin Pei Ling against Nicole Seah.

Allow me to add one more phrase to the earlier mentioned "No Horse Run".

Smell No Smoke.

One we have a robotic speech executed in a level of Mandarin that would have awed Goh Chok Tong to the floor. Ok fine. So it wasn't a very high bar to begin with.

Then, we have the other stealing the show with a passionate speech that captured the silent attention of the audience.

Were both rehearsed and scripted? Most definitely yes.

But only one put in the effort to execute it nicely.

Can you guess which one?

p.s. As much as you can see how the crowd is responding to the NSP in contrast to the PAP, my greatest fear is perhaps that they do not translate to valid and effective votes.

Even when I am not a voter in the Marine Parade GRC, I would be just as gutted if we do not get such talented potential in Parliament representing and serving the people.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

Yeah bro, I also feel the same way as you do with regards to the actual election results. Just look at the huge turnout for the WP rally at Serangoon stadium in 2006. In the end, still fell short at the ballot box.

As for Ms Seah, I do hope the NSP can at least secure enough votes for the NCMP position, coz I believe in supporting Ms Seah's sincerity in serving the country at such a young age (assuming its still there after elections are over).


PS: I think the word you're looking for in the first sentence is "pitted". And your 2nd last para, it should be "the crowd is responding in favour of the NSP instead of the PAP":)

JayWalk said...

Check back this blog after midnight. I have another entry due to release then talking about turning headcounts into valid votes.

Securing a NCMP would be good but I don't see that happening considering how relatively strong WP is this time round. I seriously believe WP can take Aljunied GRC.

If Low Thia Kiang & Co fails, then perhaps NSP will be next in line as the opposition leading party, where the NCMP spot will go to Goh Meng Seng.

Personally, it is my wish that they can get their deposits back, should they fail to overturn Goh Chok Tong & Co.

They deserve at least that.

p.s. Thanks for spotting the errors. Good catch.