22 April 2011

Nicole Seah

I just saw Nicole Seah for the first time and I was blown away.

Comparing her side-by-side with Tin Pei Ling, I can only use this Hokkien saying to describe.

No Horse Run.

I like the confidence when she speaks. She spoke like she really know what she is talking about and not some regurgitating robot that I suspect of some other candidates, regardless of party.

I like the way she engages her audience and taking control of the press conference.

Her body language, energy, mannerisms and all, I felt that fire in the belly to want to do something.

The last time I was that impressed, it was a flight attendant from Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. It got me to write an unsolicited mail commending her to Fernandes himself.

The skeptic in me would be wondering if all that were rehearsed.

If so, then kudos for the effort where some other candidates couldn't even step up to when they had the chance.

If not, then I say "Singapore, we have a keeper here".

Yes, she has some short-comings which she readily admitted. That candidness has won me over. She has scored more points from me despite that fact that we were talking about her weakness. There is strength in being open and frank which I feel should be enough to compensate for the weaker areas.

Now begs the next question. Who would I vote if I were in the Marine Parade GRC?

We have the PAP strongman Goh Chok Tong at the helm of his team and so if we were to vote for Goh Chok Tong, we will be losing Nicole Seah in the election process.

So how like that?

I mentioned earlier that the GRC can work both ways. Either your shining star will lift the entire team to the promised land or your Sabo King/Queen will drag everybody down with him/her.

We have a shining star on each side.

Goh Chok Tong vs Nicole Seah.

Sorry Tin Pei Ling. Please step aside. Thank you.

I have to admit that Goh Chok Tong was one heck of a popular figure back in the 90s. However, that sheen has been losing luster steadily over the years. One good example was his presence at Potong Pasir during the 2006 GE, promising lift upgrading to the constituents of Potong Pasir SMC. Yet Chiam See Tong ran away with even more votes than the 2001 General Elections.

Lao Kwee much? Well, add Lao Hong to the list too.

So what would I do, if I were a constituent of the Marine Parade GRC?

Personally, I guess I would sacrifice Goh Chok Tong to make way for Nicole Seah coz I see a new hope for Singapore in this girl. The Senior Minister has passed his prime and should make way for the next generation.

Oh and I get to save Singapore close to $20 million until the next election.

p.s. The last time I mentioned that when Goh Chok Tong was tasked to help pull votes in the Potong Pasir SMC, I was thinking if he was handed a poisoned chalice.

This time he was "offered" Tin Pei Ling. Could this be yet another case of "tio tuar jeet kee tua tua kee"?

For those who subscribed to the consipiracy theory that GCT is a mere transitional seat warmer between LKY and LHL, then now that LHL is the PM, wouldn't you say that GCT is now an expendable asset?

- Voxeros


Gary said...

look like your earlier post of, "If people feel that PAP created a joke fielding Tin Pei Ling, then NSP simply added the finishing touches, turning the joke into a full blown circus with Nicole Seah." couldnt be a circus, but the whole of Singapore will be watching Marine Parade GRC on 7 May. -

"According to a Facebook poll that compared the two individuals, users overwhelmingly voted for Ms. Seah ahead of Ms. Tin."

"While Ms. Tin’s name was thrust into the media spotlight like a fish out of water when her candidature was announced, for many it was a natural progression for the young Nicole Seah to be running in the coming General Elections."

Nerak said...


Why is she not contesting in my SMC? I would vote for her!

JayWalk said...

Gary: It would be a circus putting RS and TPL in the same ring.

However, the situation has changed. It is now RS vs GCT. David vs Goliath.

Nerak: I would too.

Anonymous said...

Great post, bro:) I do agree with you that Ms Seah has presented herself well from what we've seen in the vid. However, I also have to say that the questions levelled at her were pretty much expected and can be prepared for. Which, like you mentioned, is still a credit to her for doing her homework. I wouldn't say she's a keeper just yet, but we'll see:)

One thing about GCT being the seat-warmer though. I don't know if you remember, but LHL had cancer previously. So, while it looks like GCT was just the intermediary now, at one point back then, there was a very real possibility that GCT would outlive LHL.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed with her!!

- Joce -

JayWalk said...

Arrenn: OK, even when it is still early to say keeper (I would still say "keeper" regardless) but I would definitely say that she has had a good start which is much more than I can say for the rest of the new candidates regardless of party.

I do agree those questions can be prepared ahead but even so, did you not feel a tinge of disappointment with her flat delivery? I did.

You had the chance to prepare ahead and this is all you can come up with? *facepalm*

Joce: She reminds me of Tony Blair in British parliament for he has the flair when he speaks.

When you know what you are talking about, you do not need a script in front of you.

That was the impression I got. Tin Pei Ling, on the other hand, sounded like she regurgitated her 10-year-series.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

very eloquent. tis election has alot to see. hehehe.....

Anonymous said...

I say we give GCT a pass for Nicole Seah too. The man is in his late 60s and even if he wins this time it's probably his last GE. Plus TPL should not be allowed to desecrate our Parliament by riding successfully on Goh's coat-tails.

What's more, Marine Parade need not worry about losing out on upgrading as it's been a beneficiary of it thanks to the past 20 years of being walked over.

Singapore needs to cultivate and groom its future leaders regardless of the party they belong to. Nicole Seah is promising and I'd give her my vote for a seat.

Anonymous said...

V amused by e blog post.

It seems like ppl, naturally has more empathy for e dark horses, opposition in this case. The opp play their strategy well, they did not introduce their candidates till e last, while tpl was exposed much from the start. Good or not, at least she braved through the baptism of fire. I haven't seen enough of nicole for me to make a decision. Family backgrd? Unknown. Achievements? Nil, nothing better or worse than tpl. At least i know tpl's backgrd n connections, good or not, tt's a diff thing.

Many ppl talk well, of 10 talkers only 2-3 can deliver. I don't want talk. I want to see action. Wat have u done? What have u committed? Thesis to me is nothing. Every final yr student nds to do a thesis, if u bother to dig,there
's probably better ones out there.

If there is a 25 yr old who is a successful entrepreneur, w grassroots exp n a suitably gd education backgrd, then i wld have said: hey there's a differentiatg factor. She/He acts n achieve.

And this shld be abt the team, not just the individual candidates. I dun think tpl or nicole is a full representative of the whole team, who have other much more eligible n mature members.

JayWalk said...

Fresh Fry: an interesting election pending indeed. i wait with baited breath

Anonymous: Welcome to the blog. I am rooting for the underdog because I hope to see PAP's cheating by way of GRC backfire and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Sabo King/Queen FTW!!

JayWalk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Eh, why post kena deleted, bro? Advertising spam izzit:P


JayWalk said...

Amused Anonymous: Welcome to the blog.

You points are valid and I do apologise if your comments showed up late and I only just found it in my spam folder.

It is hard to get to know a untested person in a short period of time. Ultimately, it is our votes that decide if we are to give the young candidates a chance to prove themselves.

I am willing to give that opportunity to NS ahead of TPL if I have a say in this.

Just because they are relatively younger and inexperience doesn't dismiss them from being a good representative of their constituents. They too have ideas and ideals to contribute to make Singapore a better place.

JayWalk said...

Arrenn: I doubled posted. Hence the deletion of my own comment.

Anonymous said...

In every election, defamation/libel is awaiting.
So opposition candidates should stay calm and be mindful of words that can be used against you.

Anonymous said...

I concur with you that if I'm a Marine Parade voter, I would vote for Nicole. GCT needs to pass his baton. His presence wouldn't help to pull in votes for the new generation.

Andro said...

Nicole is simply excellent in the way she responded to questions. She had put many current PAP MPs to shame with her sincerity and matured thinking on issues relating to an average Singaporean, unlike some PAP MPs. No wonder she has created such a buzz in this GE.

If she is in my constituency, I would definitely vote her to be my MP, a trusted spokesperson for me in Parliament.

If she is not being elected this time round(which I hope this won't be the case), I appeal to NSP to put her in a SMC to contest against PAP next time.

Wish you success in the poll, Nicole. You have the support of everyone in my family regardless of whether you win or lose on 7 May!

Anonymous said...

When is it time to Go smell the roses? I don't think CT wants to do it. He is telling telling voters 'let me go' , help me get out of the grasps of LSL

JayWalk said...

Libel anonymous: I don't think it will be the same this time round. Opposition is a lot smarter with their choice of words.

Concur anonymous: The way I see it, GCT should still retain his seat but I believe the real winner is Nicole Seah for her foundation stone to public service has been laid solidly this election and should be destined for greatness come next.

Andro: Welcome to the blog. I am with you on this. Win or lose at the polls, she has won my heart.

Roses Anonymous: I don't think GCT really wants to go. More like his masters want to let him go.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, its not all about nicole seah. if this were just an smc, fine. but shouldnt the nsp be embarrassed that their "star" candidate is a 24-year old political newbie, with virtually nO experience?

plus, the cca and extra-curricular activities she mentioned doing is nothing spectacular...just the usual stuff that a lot of secondary school and junior college students do now.
in fact, making something ordinary that she did, sound like it's something that's actually good enough to justify her lack of experience (why couldn't she just say yeah it's a weakness but i'll work on it)
...makes me feel that she's the kind of person (many of us know ppl like that) that are good at "marketing" themselves...regardless of their substance.

Anonymous said...

Just like conducting job interview, you won't be sure if you have the best person chosen. Is a sense of judgement and we should always give new comer a chance to prove herself/himself. Otherwise, where can they begin?

JayWalk said...

Star Anonymous: You have a good point there.

But look on the flip side, you have all these big shot PAP big guns who has been around for many years shaping Singapore, can you say that they are able to submit an A+ report card?

I agree Nicole Seah has zero track record. What I do see is the potential. The hope that something good for Singapore will come out of this girl.

I said this before and I will say it again.

I do not vote for the past. I vote for the present and the future.

I do not vote for the policies/initiatives. I vote for the person who I would entrust to execute/carry it out.

Interview Anonymous: Agree with you too. Yes, while we may not find out much about the candidate in just a short period of time, I would still give the candidate a chance to prove her mettle during her term. She will get to stay if she does well, and we will pull her down if she does not.

In the corporate world, I believe this is also known as probation.

Anonymous said...

So, please give Nicole a chance to prove herself, even in the expense of a SM.

JayWalk said...

Expense anonymous: I would if I am a voter in the Marine Parade GRC.

Anonymous said...

well he did mention swiss standard of living and did not deliver can we believe in him

JayWalk said...

Swiss Anonymous: Then on the same token, Mah Bow Tan must go since we didn't make it to the World Cup in 2010. :P

Anonymous said...

Time to let the old puppet go and come to life with a sincere , intelligent and lovable lady to show the way to freedom .

JayWalk said...

Puppet Anonymous: I like the sound of that. Hope it comes through.