18 April 2011

The Unyielding Spirit Of Mr Chiam

Above is a video clip courtesy of The Online Citizen featuring Mr Chiam See Tong on a walkabout in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC on 10 Apr 2011.

At first look, one may wonder if a person so frail is able to be a part of the Gahmen, representing the people?

Before anyone jump to any premature conclusion, I urge all to watch further and you will be able to see that unyielding spirit within.

Here is a great man serving the people for almost 30 years. Despite suffering from a stroke and is still recovering, you see a man not backing down against adversity. Even with great physical impairment, here is a great man with great determination to walk around unassisted. Even if it meant having to walk with more effort than a healthy person and hunched over.

Mr Chiam See Tong, sir. I salute you.

- Voxeros


Anonymous said...

the bald guy... is he benjamin pwee?? he looks like my ex-colleague's brother ha ha.

- starry -

JayWalk said...

Indeed he is Benjamin Pwee who too, is running alongside Chiam See Tong for the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC ticket.