03 May 2011

Eighty-Seven Zero

It was an excellent article and the headline alone got me to sit up and think.

87-0 is not that far-fetched a possibility.

In the past, opposition has always circumvented constituencies where there are PAP big guns, just so that they can boost their chances of a seat in parliament. Exactly the same reason why PAP came up with the cheating GRC idea to smuggle unworthy newbies into parliament. Using a strong incumbent like Goh Chok Tong (2006) to deliver 6 untested, undeserving cowards safely under the radar.

I dare them to walk with their heads held high.


The tide has change. The opposition are going for the big guns this time. Perhaps an inspirational lesson learnt back in 2006 where 6 virtually unknowns from the Worker's Party was able to walk away with almost 50,000 votes in the Prime Minister's Ang Mo Kio GRC.

While it was still a victory for the PM, I bet that slap in the face still stung till now. Orh-bi-goot.

So here's the situation. As far as the David opposition is hopeful against the Goliath PAP, the outcome is not known until the final ballot is counted. PAP strongmen are not without substance and is capable of pulling a significant number of votes for themselves.

In a close 50-50 fight, the one with 1 vote more than the other wins. Something that is not difficult and within reach for the strong candidates.

So having said that, we are faced with a stark possibility of a 87-0 landslide defeat of the opposition. While they may return as NCMP, they are all but toothless tigers without voting rights in parliament.

Still, I am also interested to see if my prediction of PAP scoring under 60% of the overall popular vote comes true.

If yes, then perhaps not this election that we pull these greedy cheaters down, but certainly a stronger chance next in 2016.

That. One. Vote.

Make. It. Count.

Make. It. Yours.

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- Voxeros

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