04 May 2011

Kempeitai Or Gestapo In White

This youtube clip surfaced a few days ago, PAP cronies tailing NSP folks on their door-to-door visits.

Is it me or does these folks in white reminds you of the Kempeitai or the Gestapo?


- Voxeros


modernburrow said...

You do know it is a two way thing right?

JayWalk said...

modernburrow: according to your explanation here --> ,

I think it was done in poor taste.

You can call it anything you like but I still call it spying.

Worse, when fellow Singaporean spying on fellow Singaporean, how does it not bring up images of the Kempeitai?

BigBrownBearBear said...

It's really more about the intimidation that is a real concern here.

JayWalk said...

BigBrownBearBear: My point exactly!