17 May 2011

Singapore - A New Dawn

First of all, enough of all the Yam Ah Mee jokes already. It was unfortunate enough that his deadpan poker face at the election result announcement drew amusement.

Now everybody is making fun of his name now.

I personally found mrbrown's podcast of the said subject to be of poor taste. The poor fella can't help his name as it was given by his parents.

Show some respect, people! We laugh with people. Not at them!

Personally, I think his deadpan emotionless expression when annoucing election is the right way to go as the Elections Department is supposed to be neutral anyway.

Anyway, the elections are over and the people have decided regardless if you are happy with the decision or otherwise.

We are sad to see the Chiams losing Potong Pasir but I feel it is wrong to denounce the result and raise a ruckus trying to petition for a bye-election. Unless there are severe discrepancies in the count, I do not see any valid reason to have to vote a second time. Those who voted for the PAP have, as much a valid voice as those who voted otherwise. Yes. PAP won this time and I felt it was done fair and square. Yes. It was a pity to lose by 100+ votes but I say suck it up and try again in 5 years.

If an election can have a do-over, simply because you do not like the eletion results, then on the same token, would you allow PAP to have a re-vote in the Aljunied GRC? I am just as sad to see George Yeo go too.

The whole democratic process is a sacred one. Not one that you sukah sukah want do it the way it makes you happy. Sorry hor but this is not Burger King.

Speaking of not happy. I am just as unhappy as everyone else as far as getting Tin Pei Ling into parliament via the backdoor.

However, a vote is a vote and 78,286 voters said yes to Ms Kate Spade & Co. and I would suggest that instead of throwing brickbats, digging up more dirt and lodging police report. How about letting her try doing her job as an MP instead since nothing can be done to reverse the decision made by these 78,286 people?

Stop distracting the poor girl and let her take her shot. Rest assured that if she sucked during this 5-year term, she will be yanked off Parliament by the voters during the next GE, if PAP has not eliminated her already.

Image Credit:; - George Yeo

- Voxeros


Gary said...

Even GCT also dislike her.. lol..

JayWalk said...

I can't fully agree with you on that as it is speculative interpretation, by other people, of what he has said.

He has not directly spoken against her, which would have been a stupid thing to do to begin with.