02 May 2011

I Disagree

I heard what MM Lee has said in the media conference and I disagree on several points in no particular order.

  • "...your property values go right down."

    If you think about it, it may not necessarily be a bad thing. At least, there will be housing within certain income brackets' reach.

    When housing prices rises, while it is true you stand to make a profit but only if it is one that you don't live in i.e. for investment purposes. The rationale is simple and I am sure has been discussed to death.

    When you sell at a high price (as a result of market climate), you probably need to buy your next home at a high price too. So where is the profit? Like the wind, you know it is there but you just can't get hold of it.

    The only way to really enjoy this profit, as a result of this property bubble, is to sell the house and then get your entire family to sleep on the streets.

    Yes, you will be rich but without a roof over your head.

    Pitching a tent in the East Coast Park beach does not count.

  • "...away 30 years and he comes back. How does he connect with us?"

    Well, some of our ministers are with us for 30 years. They too are not connecting with us all these while, are they? So your point being?

  • "What is the track record?"

    Exactly. I ask PAP the same question. What is the track record? Escaped fugitive? Runaway housing prices? Uncontrollable cost of living? Massive Lehman losses of public funds? Massive Temasek and GIC losses of public funds? Ridiculous ministerial salary? Unsolved public transport congestion? Unjustified raising of public transport prices?

    I ask. What is the track record?

  • "He's (Heng Swee Keat) the man who saw Singapore through the financial crisis and we recovered faster than other countries..."

    I'd give him the credit where it is due. I would vote for him solely on that count. So perhaps, it would have been wiser to let him stand in an SMC rather than risk some Sabo King in the GRC team to undermine his chances of entering parliament?

  • "Do you want one MP, one Non-Constituency MP, one celebrity and two unknowns to look after you?"

    I ask the same question to the Marine Parade GRC of 2006. Do you want one senior minister and SIX unknowns to look after you?

    Well, obviously the people did and so why not one MP, one NCMP, one celebrity, two unknowns and a partridge in a pear tree?

  • "...and your own comfort - your drains, mosquitoes..."

    Excuse me but it almost sounded like PAP holds some kind of a patent in pest removal than no one else can?

    As if by law that only PAP-approved cleaners and pest controllers are able to do the job of drain cleaning and mosquitoes exterminating?

    And that people living in opposition wards have to survive the mosquito onslaught by taking anti-malaria pills on a regular basis? Oh well, don't tell me that the pills are only available from polyclinics in PAP wards?

    Next, someone is going to come up and tell me that potable tap water will no longer be supplied to opposition wards and that households will have to go back to buying gas cylinders for their cooking needs.

    Want to throw in electricity generators and kerosene lamps while you are at it?

    I mean. Seriously?

  • "If you like to try your luck, well, good luck to you."

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

    - Voxeros


    Anonymous said...

    i like your first point... sell our properties and sleep on the streets.... that's why i always think MBT is crazy when he says it is good for hdb flat prices to go up (it has been going up until beyond most young people's reach).... our flats are not for making profits lah, it is just a roof over our heads


    JayWalk said...

    hiaoauntie: Long time no hear!!

    The whole idea of public housing is to provide shelter for everyone.

    It won't be free housing as the Govt would want the people to co-own a stake of it but it will be within financial reach.

    It seems that the govt has forgotten this fundamental concept of a roof over every head and allow the housing price to spiral out of control.

    Yes, some argue that with higher prices, banks will grant higher sums of loan to help with the mortgage but one fails to see that such a move plunge the home owner into further debt.