05 May 2011

Words From The Heart

I like George Yeo. One of the rare few who knows what the hell he is talking about when he opens his mouth.

I have watched many speeches from the rallies posted online. Oh the marvels of modern technology!

In a way, the people in Aljunied GRC will be in an unenviable position. On the opposition front, we have quality candidates like Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Kiang and choosing them would risk losing George Yeo who has been a faithful and good servant to the people of Singapore.

I am glad I am not part of the Aljunied GRC for I would not know how to vote. 

As far as speeches are concerned, I can only single out a few who speaks well. People like Vincent Wijeysingha, Nicole Seah, George Yeo, Low Thia Kiang and yes, even Chiam See Tong, despite the slurring and being almost inaudible.

By speaking well, I am not referring to just their oratory skill. That is just one portion of the overall. I am referring to the heart behind the words for which they spoke.

Performance-wise, Harminder Pal Singh gave the best delivery but only because he is a motivational speaker by professional. So was there real heart in his words or just an excellent showcase of razzle and dazzle? Being a little biased, I confessed, in favour of the underdogs, I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

On the other end of the spectrum is Chiam See Tong who could hardly stand up straight and speak properly. Yes, despite the physical impairment, his determination to power through and complete his speech is something that we should all learn from. The people on the floor are gracious enough to keep their volumes down when he speaks so that people may hear. The people on the floor are gracious enough to wait patiently for Chiam in between lengthy pauses so that he may catch his breath.

Can you feel the love of these people for this one man?

Some people may feel that Chiam See Tong is too frail and weak to be their leader. Let me assure you that such perception is incorrect.

As a result of his physical impairment, it actually TAKES GREATER STRENGTH than a normal healthy person to do the walkabouts and shaking everyone's hands. It actually TAKES STRONGER DETERMINATION than a normal healthy person to get up there on stage and gave his speech until the very last full stop.

Let see you suffer a stroke and then do what he does.

You will be humbled, I assure you.

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- Voxeros


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